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An alternative path for growth

            Spiritual and personal development evolve in three ways: 1) through suffering, 2) through service, and 3) by use of alchemy. Most of us are quite familiar with the first two paths.  All three methods are effective; however, suffering which is the default, is considered the least desirable route.  Traditional approaches have emphasized service; the myriad religions and philosophies teach this approach. The third, alchemy, is less well known, but is the most painless and the most expedient. Although most of us believe it is necessary to manifest and/or experience patterns of suffering in our lives in order to grow, it is quite possible and much more desirable to bypass the pain and delays of this reality and “cut straight to the chase.”  This is done by altering the patterns within us before they create suffering in our lives. This is the path of alchemy -- transmuting lead thoughts into gold thoughts.


Upcoming Workshops:

Living with Conscious Intent

Alchemical Techniques for Spiritual Growth


A series of workshops at the Oasis on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm beginning January 16, 2003

Presented by Dr. Matt Scudiere


Our human existence includes experiences both in an external reality and an internal reality; for much of life, we focus on the external reality with all its myriad joys and woes to the detriment of our internal growth.  While our external reality is shared and validated by others, our internal reality is completely of our own making and serves as a blueprint for how we perceive and relate to others and to our SELF. To better function in our shared reality and to evolve ourselves spiritually, we seek to further understand both our individual internal world and the laws of the Universe, and then to inevitably experience their synchronistic energies.  By extending beyond our five physical senses and developing our higher sense perceptions, we can enhance our journey here and experience some of the peace and joy we all seek.


Developing our higher sense perceptions is the overall goal of a series of workshop topics developed by Dr. Scudiere; the emphasis is on clearing out old thought patterns (our emotional blueprint) that interfere with the process of enjoying our journey.  Operating solely within the physical senses creates an experience of separation in the world around us and, therefore, of an unsafe Universe.  Learning to operate with the higher sense perceptions helps us see Unity in the world around us.  The workshops are intended to provide the participants with methods and tools to develop and better understand and use their Higher Sense Perceptions. 


The workshops are based primarily upon Norm Shealy, MD, and Caroline Myss’s Science of Medical Intuition as well as the works of Edgar Cayse, Alice Bailey, Barbara Ann Brennan, Max Freedom Long, etc.   

Workshop series includes the following topics:

§         nature of reality- our mind and the cosmos

§         how we create our internal reality

§         skills of emotional intelligence

§           healing our internal/emotional system of negative thoughts

§           guided imagery, time line approach

§           techniques of balancing the human energy system

§           tapping release points, chakra balancing,  Norm Shealy’s 6 “rings”

      • dowsing techniques
      • remote viewing
      • and any other “far out” topics of interest

Further information can be obtained from Matt Scudiere at 865-481-8351 or email 

Suggested donations at the door $10.  Workshops start promptly at 7 so please be considerate to others by showing up on time.  Workshops will be recorded and all materials are available below.


2003 Class dates:

Thursdays from 7:00 - 9:30 pm at the Oasis Institute    

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Jan 30

Slides I

Class I

Introduction and Background

Feb 6



Cancelled due to weather

Feb 13

Slides II

Class II

Old paradigms, New paradigms, Intro to how the mind & Universe works

Feb 20

Slides III

Not avail

Introduction to Time Line approach to clearing fear & anger

Feb 27

No new

Class IIIb

Time Line Review and Practice

Mar 6

Slides IV

Class IV

Waking up is hard to do! Holons, Consciousness, & Time Line practice

Mar 13

No new

Class V

Conclusion of Class IV -- types of prayer, more Time Line practice.

Mar 20


Class VI

Introduction to the Resentment clearing process, and more Time Line practice.

Mar 27

Slides VII

Class VII

Intro to Types of Prayer with more practice on Resentment clearing

Apr 3

Slides VIII

Class VIII

Dream Weaving and more practice on techniques

Apr 10


Class IX

Re-Claiming your power, Clearing Allergies

Apr 17

No New

Not avail


Apr 24

No New

Class X

Introduction to dowsing

May 1

Slides XI

Class XI

Review dowsing & intro to sensing energy

May 8

Slides XII

Class XII

Introduction to Human Energy fields, Chakras

May 22

Slides XIII

Class XIII

More on the Chakras

May 29

No New

Class XIV

Archetypes and their association with the Chakras

Jun 5

No New

Class XV

Archetypes continued

Jun 12

No New

Class XVI

Archetypes continued

Jul 10

Slides XIV

Class XVII

Merkaba meditation part I, Another perspective on the mind

Jul 17

No New


Merkaba meditation part II, “    [cont]

Jul 24

No New

Class XIX

Merkaba meditation part III, “  “ [cont]

Jul 31

Slides XV

Class XX

LAST CLASS Clearing entities, possession, & thought forms

Class itinerary last Updated Saturday, December 06, 2003


Class Notes and other topics of interest:

"I Am My Own Best Casual Acquaintance"    (humor)        

Clearing Allergies and Other Irritations                                   

Brain Gym                                                                                       

Clearing Entities by the Numbers                                             

Scientific explanation of color healing                                    

The UFO Conspiricy according to Milton William Cooper 

Eight Principles of the Universe                                                           

What is it to be conscious?                                                        

A shourt conversation with Mother Mera                               

Some Notes From 'Bringers Of The Dawn'                            

Ocean Meditation                                                                          

The MERKABA MEDITATION: By Drunvalo Melchizedek  

Spherical Breathing and Merkaba                                            

Time Line by Tad James & Wyatt Woodsmall                       

Claiming Your Power                                                                   

Protection Technique                                                                  

Clearing Resentment                                                                   

            Rules for The Human Experience                                            

            SETH & The Nature of Personal Reality                                 

            Shattering Life's Illusions                                                           

            Psychometric Analysis                                                                


Class Location:     

Oasis Institute

4928 Homberg Drive,

Knoxville, TN 37919

(865) 588-7707

            The workshops are designed to be experiential. Although some intellectual & theoretical introductory background will be given, the real lesson will be in the realization and experience of how it all works for you personally. Issues of the linear rational mind, the unconscious mind, and how the two interact will be covered. The concept of holographic time provides a new perspective on the cause and effect relationship in our lives. This perspective will present a more rational explanation about why "bad things happen to good people" and help you make sense of “things in your life.”

            There will be an emphasis on alchemical exercises designed to clear old worn-out beliefs and habits and replace them with methods you will be able to use for growth during the rest of your life. Many have said that the classes have made a significant improvement in their lives. Therapists and psychologists who have been in the workshops are using the techniques in their practice with accelerated success.

            Many previous attendees have reported an opening/awakening of their extrasensory abilities and greater awareness in their lives. Various subjects which may be included in the workshop are: 

·       Time-line reprogramming – an expanded version based on the works of Tad James & Wyatt Woodsmall

·       Human energy systems – as described in Barbara Ann Brennan’s Hand’s of Light

·       Energy work – Sensing and using the mind/body’s own natural ability to facilitate healing

·       Esoteric healing – from the works of Alice Bailey

·       Thought field therapy – developed by Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D. and expanded by others

·       Earth energies – What they are and how they affect our lives and health

·       Dowsing – How to, and what you can use it for

·       Radionics/psychotronics – “mind machines” how they work and what they do for us

·       Guided imagery – techniques for clearing allergies and other noxious thought forms

·       UFO's/ET's, Nature spirits, etc, – great fun but not for the feint of heart

·       The Merkaba meditation first taught by Drunvelo Melchezidek (make your own space ship)

·       Techniques for developing your higher sensory perceptions, and much more.

Many elements of these techniques are derived from Huna and Sufi traditions as well as from many other sources and techniques – all condensed to the essentials. 


Healing vs. curing

            There is a big difference between healing and curing. Most people who say they are in the business of "healing" are really in the business of "curing."  Curing relieves the symptom while healing removes the "true cause" so the dis-ease can correct itself.  Many people have no idea what the true cause of their pain is because they have been brainwashed by society.  In my experience, true cause is always a belief, and beliefs can be changed when we are willing to do so.  We just have to know how.  The trick to healing is clearing the belief that is causing the problem.

            Our lives are run by our beliefs -- not the conscious ones that we think we believe, but our deep unconscious ones. Most of us are unaware of what they are, but they are not as out of reach as many believe. We are wrapped up in our unconscious dramas (scripts), wondering why the world is treating us so unfairly and not understanding that we really are the architects of our lives. Our experience of our lives is an internal one, yet we continue to look to the external to change our experience. As we learn to shift our focus and begin to see the hidden pictures all around, we can look to the real cause and reprogram it using alchemical techniques taught in these workshops.  Because of our linear time thought process we have confused cause with effect. 

            Beliefs are like clothing: they serve us well so we wear them. However, when we outgrow them, like a pair of shoes they can cause us a lot of pain. But we are so used to wearing them that we have forgotten we even have them on. If we don't trade them in for a larger size, they will eventually cripple us. Then we wonder why we can't walk anymore. Come expand your mind and begin the process of waking up and becoming a conscious being.



            Dr. Matthew Scudiere was trained as a Theoretical Physicist and Nuclear Engineer and has worked as a research scientist and inventor for most of his career, with emphasis on maintaining a diverse expertise. He holds degrees in Physics and Nuclear Engineering from Kent State University and the University of Virginia, has co-authored several patents, and has published over 30 refereed papers.

            During Matt's 30 years as a student of Metaphysics, he has been an invited lecturer to dowsing conferences and has taught other classes on elements of these workshops. He is licensed in massage therapy, is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, and has been working with people in groups and one-on-one for the past 15 years.


I highly recommend intuitive readings by Katherine Rone [Katsong]:


Just a few cool links for those with a sense of adventure and the time:

Recommended Books

  • Hands of Light, by Barbara Ann Brennan Brennan's first book describes the human energy field (aura) and chakras, and their role in disease and healing. Contains lots of color plates showing the aura and chakras and their manipulation by the healer. This is a far better book than the subsequent one Light Emerging. So I recommend the first book first or if you only want to get one of her books. ISBN 0-553-34539-7
  • Light Emerging, by Barbara Ann Brennan Brennan's second book delves further into the action of the human energy field in the healthy body, its interaction with the fields of other people, and the functions of the field in healing dis-ease. ISBN 0-553-35456-6
  • The Journey of Your Soul, by Shepherd Hoodwin Ever wonder how one’s soul evolves?  Well a source that refers to itself as Michael gives a very clear description of the entire process. It describes the different types of souls (reminiscent of Alice Bailey’s Seven Rays) and the various stages of our journey in that evolutionary process.  You can even write him and he’ll tell you where you are on that journey. 
  • Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch In these three books started by Neale writing an angry letter to God and to his surprise God answered him back.  These books are a transcription of the conversations about lots of very interesting topics that we have all asked at one time or another.
  • Wheels of Light, by Rosalyn L. Bruyere  If you ever saw the movie Resurrection you saw the story of Rosalyn.  In her books of which this is one she describes the human charkas and their functions.  A primer for anyone interested in being a healer who works with the Human Energy Field.
  • Tapping the Healer Within, Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D.  Using Thought Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress.  This book provides a very quick and easy alchemical technique to realign the thought field around your body, which can instantly bring your physical, emotional, and or mental bodies back into balance and health.  These are very short easy techniques that can be done in just a minute or two and can bring amazing results.
  • Mutant Message Downunder, Marlo Morgan This is a wonderful book of Marlo's adventures of her three month walkabout with one of the aboriginal tribes and what she learned could be when one lives in the spirit.  I've heard lately that the powers that are threatened by this book have made her put a disclaimer in the book that it is fiction.  Having spent time with her I am convinced that the experiences she writes about in the book are completely true. ISBN 1-883473-00-4
  • Essential Reiki, Diane Stein If you think the initiation price is too steep but would like to know how it's done then this is the book for you. It tells all and gives you everything you need but the opening of the chakras in the hands. But not everybody needs that. You can do a lot by intent alone so get going. ISBN 0-89594-736-6
  • Letters from The Cosmos, Carol J. Swiedler & Edward B. Swiedler A stunning communication from what seems to be the Universal Mind; received, and automatically recorded, by an extremely gifted psychic; An extraordinary revelation; beautiful...inspiring...enlightening. ISBN 0-9638986-0-4
  • BioCircuits, by Leslie Patten with Terry Patten This book describes theory, construction and use of the biocircuits. ISBN 0-915811-13-8
  • Earth Radiation, by Kathe Bachler This book describes the various forms of geopathic zones, or earth energy fields that have detrimental effects on humans. Spending long periods exposed to these energy fields causes everything from learning disabilities in children to migraines, bed-wetting, nervous and emotional disorders and cancer, according to Bachler. Her book documents countless cases of cures, sometimes overnight for the lesser disorders, by merely moving a bed or otherwise removing the victim from the zone of exposure. ISBN 0-951415-107
  • Far Journeys, by Robert A. Monroe Monroe's second book chronicles his astral travels and communications with non-human intelligences.
  • Journeys Out of Body, by Robert A. Monroe Monroe's first book, chronicles his sudden thrust into the world of astral travel, his investigation of this then-unknown phenomena, and his ultimate founding of the Monroe institute and the discoveries made there.
  • Perfect Health, by Deepak Chopra Dr. Chopra blends Eastern Ayurveda health principles and Western medicine. He explains the three principle body types, their natures, needs, habits and when out of balance, their diseases. Fascinating reading.
  • The Celestine Prophesy, by James Redfield Redfield's tale of the search for ancient manuscripts in South America brings into question the modus operandi of the human search for fulfillment. ISBN 0-446-51862-X
  • Ultimate Journey, by Robert A. Monroe Monroe's last book before his death. Chronicles his findings regarding the future of the human species. ISBN 0-385-47207-2
  • Thresholds of the Mind, by Bill Harris  This is a wonderful description of how our minds work even though it is a plug for the Centerpoint Research Institute.  ISBN 0-9721780-0-7

Book Sources



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