Ten steps to Clearing Resentment,

     which saps your energy and causes dis-ease.


Note:            Resentments can be to other individuals, groups, or to situations.


1)         Center yourself with a meditation and some breathing exercises.  This may be a color meditation or any other that you are used to.  Ground yourself as fully as you can by sending an aka cord out your root chakra to the center of the Earth and attach it to the core.  Give it a tug and feel yourself anchor in.  Then send an aka cord out the crown chakra to the center of the universe and connect it.  Allow the energy to flow in both directions through you. 


2)         After energizing, invite your High Self in, establish a connection with it, and feed it (make a gift to it) some of the energy you are accumulating.  Invite any other guides, masters, etc. to assist you and make a gift to them of some of the energy.


3)         Create a stage down in front of yourself if it is with a group or a situation, or a chair in front of you if it is with an individual.  Then invite (via the High Selves) the presence of that person (or group or situation hereafter referred to as person) to come before you either on stage or in the chair and establish (or recognize) the connection between you and them.  Honor that connection.  If it is with another person, then move the chairs close enough to touch knees and hold opposite hands.  Remember all minds are connected.


4)         After establishing the connection, in your mind or out loud, tell them that you wish to clear all resentments with them and ask them to just listen to what you have to say. Then air all your grievances with them.  Tell them EVERYTHING (in words, pictures, or feelings) -- leave nothing out.  Take as long as is necessary  to accomplish this.  I call this “spill your guts”.


5)         Then reflect a little and tell them ALL of the payoffs you got for holding the grievance.  There is ALWAYS a payoff or you would not hold the grievance.  Root it out and tell them.  Part of any payoff is usually an excuse to relieve you of a responsibility or duty, to prove rightness, or justify your action.


6)         Then reflect some more and relate to them what it cost you to hold the grievance. Note the disproportionate balance between the cost and payoff.  This should help you decide to let go of the grievance.  Some costs are usually your peace of mind and your relationship with that person, and your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


7)         Now it's the other person's turn.  Listen to them air the same three: 1) the grievance they hold for you, 2) their payoff, and 3) what it is costing them.  Listen carefully with full attention.  You may hear words that are not new, and you will probably be surprised at those which are new.  Or you may just get a feeling or an image.  If you truly want to hear you will hear. 


8)         At this stage, honor the drama that the two of you played and honor where you were at the time.  Now it is time to move on, release, and let it go.  Offer this clearing as a gift to them to accept now or later or reject as they so choose - it matters NOT to you what they choose.  This is a true gift to them.


9)         In your mind (imagination) look for the aka cords that connect you together. Cut (erase) the cord(s) between the two of you and release and bless the other person to go on their way.  If they are not ready to release, then they will have to find someone else to play the drama with, but you will be free of it if it is your true intent to do so.  If the other person is willing to accept your efforts, then they can also be free of the negative interaction between you.


10)       Take a little time in your mind (imagination) to reward yourself and enjoy the release from this "lead brick" anchor and have some fun flying or playing before returning to the physical world.