Claiming Your Power


1)         Center yourself with a meditation and some breathing exercises.  This may be a color meditation or any other that you are use to.  Ground yourself as fully as you can by sending an aka cord out your root chakra to the center of the Earth and attach it to the core.  Give it a tug and feel yourself anchor in.  Then send an aka cord out the crown chakra to the center of the universe and connect it.  Allow the energy to flow in both directions through you. 


2)         After energizing invite your High Self in and establish a connection with it & feed (gift) it some of the energy you are accumulating.  Invite any other guides, angels, masters, etc. to assist you & gift them some of the energy.


3)         Move into a “favorite space” that you have created which provides you complete safety and comfort.  Take a moment to enjoy - really enjoy this place.  Put as much detail into this space as you are able to including something for each of the five senses.  Such as a warm breeze and sun on your skin. A fragrant scent in the air. etc.


4)         Now take a moment to reflect on how you have over your lifetime given your power to others and to situations.  How have you allowed these to control your life when you would have desired other?   As each person or situation comes to mind, call forth that person or situation in turn to present themselves before you in your imagination - in your “favorite space”.  At this point, honor the drama that the two of you played and honor where you were at the time.  Now it is time to move on, release, and let go.


5)            Recognize that giving your power to someone or something is not the gift you once thought it was.  That it was unfair to burden them with responsibility for your power.  That the responsibility for your power rests with you alone and now it is time to reclaim it and relieve the other from their burden which you placed on them.


6)            Explain to the other what you now recognize and that you now reclaim your power from them.  Thank them for carrying it for so long and explain that they no longer are required by you to be responsible for it.


7)         Image your power that you have given them in whatever metaphorical way that appeals to you:  Identify the color, shape or form, texture, size, etc and image that “power” being returned to you.  Do whatever is necessary to lovingly recliam all the power you have mistakenly given away.  If you spot any negative aka cords connecting you this is a good time to disconnect them.  Offer this process as a gift to them to accept now or later or reject as they so choose - it matters NOT to you what they choose for themselves. In return gift them with something of value to them such as loving energy or what ever feels appropriate on this level.


8)         Now rewrite the scene in your mind to repattern your unconscious so its future response is more to your current wishes.  That you now relate to that person or situation in a way that maintains your power and responsibility.


9)         Now repeat steps 4) through 8) for each situation that you can recall.  Spend time ferreting out every instance that you can remember.  It is more effective to focus on as many specifics as you can, but you can also work with generic situations as well if that is the situation.  That is, situations that are patterns in you life.


10)       Take a little time in your mind (imagination) to reward yourself and enjoy the release from this "lead brick" anchor and have some fun flying or playing before returning to the physical world.