††††† Clearing Entitiesby the Numbers


1.                Invoke a protection about yourself.This can be through any ritual, prayer, or intent.Create an envelope of protection by imaging it or by asking a guide, guardian angel, warrior angel, or master to provide such.


2.                Determine by dowsing or intuition whether the person in question has any "entities on board" and if so, how many?Entity here means any energy form that is not to the individualís highest good, which has attached itself to the person, their energy field, or their environment.The entity can be anything from a thought form to a discarnate to a demon.If none are present, then stop.


3.                Determine "appropriateness" of releasing the entity.Ask 1) Can I? - Am I able to accomplish this exorcism? 2) May I? - Do I have permission to do so from both my and their Higher Selves? and 3) Should I? - Would this be an appropriate time to do this?If you do not get a "Yes" to ALL three, then STOP - do not pass GO.With some entities, which are of the personís own making, it is not appropriate for another to remove them.


4.                With a loving approach contact the entity(s) and inform them that under Cosmic Law you have the authority, having identified them, to remove them and that you can open a door to the fourth or fifth density for them to go through.Inform them that they will have a better opportunity for growth there and do not need to be tied to this person any longer.With the attachment to the person, there was on some level a contract between the entity and the host.Thank them for honoring the contract, and now you have the authority to declare the contract completed.Declare the contract fulfilled, null, void, and canceled.Honor the entity(s) for their service.


5.                Ask the entity(s) if there is anything that needs to be attended to before they leave.If so honor, their request, if appropriate.If not, then state why.After any resolution, determine which density (fourth or fifth) is appropriate for the entity(s).


6.                With your intent and/or with assistance from your Guide, High Self, or other, create this doorway.It may look like an ordinary door (metaphorically) or it may have a more cosmic appearance like the worm holes in Star Trek.Open the door and allow, usher, assist, or whatever it takes to get the entity(s) to go through it and verify that they have gone.


7.                It is common for other entities to be hiding behind the dominant one, so check again by returning to Step 1.When completed thank all those who assisted you and release any attachment to the outcome.



A model for the universe - just a different perspective.

(Models allow you to explore certain possibilities that you probably wouldn't be able to explore if you didn't use those models.)

††††††††††† dimension levels - all part of our illusion

††††††††††† 3rd - 4-D space time physical universe

††††††††††† 4th - Astral - emotional

††††††††††† 5th - Light (beyond duality)


Pictures of reality

††††††††††† Cause or effect.Which is which?Sense of time/space.

††††††††††† Time is natures way of keeping everythingfrom happening at once.

††††††††††† Validate the question first.

††††††††††† The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.

††††††††††† The plastic/elastic universe.

††††††††††† The holographic universe.

††††††††††† How the "rose" came into being.


The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.

††††††††††† Creation of a rose.

††††††††††† Creation of a human.

††††††††††† What are you creating?

††††††††††† Pictures of reality.


A model for the human functioning

††††††††††† Duality, good vs evil

††††††††††† Political self, and survival bubbles

††††††††††† Relationships

††††††††††† Walk-ins, crawl-ins, ††††


Types of entities

††††††††††† Boogies, Entities, Dark Lords

††††††††††† There are no bad guys.


Clearing ...

††††††††††† Principle of resonance,

††††††††††† Universal laws

††††††††††† Energizing techniques

††††††††††† Techniques

††††††††††† Identifying


The grand illusion (ACIM)

††††††††††† Freeing ourselves from this means recognizing that our safety results from defenselessness which results from no fear which results from understanding that nothing I see is real which results from God did not make the world I see - it's MY illusion.Our body exists within our minds, not the other way around.Forgiveness is the key to happiness - if you are hurting it is because you are not forgiving.


The most powerful tool of the dark forces for the manipulation of individuals is self doubt.


Self doubt is not a natural state.


If you are experiencing it, that is your first clue that you are being psychologically manipulated by the anti-divine forces.


It's time for fiercely taking a stand in Faith with your own Divine Spirit and its loving guidance.



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A Course in Miracles

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The following is an excerpt from:

Transcending the 4th Dimension: A "Light" Approach to EXORCISM

and from Shattering Life's Illusions.


This and other related material available from:

Earth Mission, P.O. Box 2846, Sedona, AZ 86336602/282-4322



The Universe Rearranges Itself

To Accommodate Your Picture Of Reality.


Common signs of possession:


The most powerful tool of the dark forces for the manipulation of individuals is self doubt.


Self doubt is not a natural state.


If you are experiencing it, that is your first clue that you are being psychologically manipulated by the anti-divine forces.


Other signs:

       discomfort with direct light

       lack of self trust

       bulging eyes, half-lidded eyes


       unreasonable fear

       deep depression

       addiction to:††††† sex, food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.



       All possession entails an agreement on some level.


       There is no such thing as a victim.


       This is a parasitic dependency relationship that may even be attractive from some points of view.BUT it does inhibit the full expression of your spirit.Remember, even though it was unconscious and in ignorance, you made the agreement and only you can release it.



       Once a possessive spirit has been uncovered, its position is considerably weakened.All it has left are various forms of seduction and temptation.


       Spirits rely heavily on invisibility.Once they have been spotted, they are required by Universal Principle to obey the commands of the Light.The more purity, love, and light you can bring to an exorcism, the better.The more fear, resistance, and hate you bring, the more you will be bonded to the possessing spirit.



       When you exorcise a possessive spirit, you provide a double service, one to the host and the other to the possessor.Both are freed to participate more fully in the Universe.It is important to send them to the Light rather than merely removing them from the host.This makes the loving act of exorcism complete.


       This is not a battle between good and evil.It is a compassionate act of love towards all expressions of life intended to bring Truth and Light where there once was ignorance.

Four types of Disembodied spirits:


1††††††††† Spirits that are simply seeking bodies through which they can express and satisfy their need for sensual experiences that they were used to having when they had bodies of their own.Many of them just wish to experience having sexual encounters, some of them just wish to eat, smoke, drink, or do drugs.Some just wish to feel the exhilaration of conducting business and wielding "power".


2††††††††† Spirits of this type are usually very angry, often to the degree of irrational rage.They are most commonly seen in cases of "mean drunks", spouse abusers, and child abusers.When you find yourself extremely angry but simultaneously observing your behavior in a detached way, you might consider that it may not be your anger.Many beings who have been involved in acts of violence have been possessed by such entities.These spirits are extremely abusive and can viciously project psychic attack.


3††††††††† This category of spirits can be the most obnoxious ones.Their primary function is to create confusion and to undermine any movement towards advancement in consciousness.They are often very philosophical and have loads of questions, but will always make a point of missing the pint.You can go around in circles with these beings for hours and never get anywhere.They are exhausting to be with in conversation and very often are attached to people who radiate innocence and lovability.All you may be trying to do is help them understand but soon you find yourself on the floor with your mind turned to mush from the process.


4††††††††† Spirits of this category are the "guru" boogies.Or at least they want you to think they are enlightened masters.Many of them have attained very high levels of insight into life and metaphysics but were trapped in a list for power and a need for followers.Those who have not yet developed the discernment to distinguish these beings from true servants of the Light are often seduced into a dependency relationship with these entities. Many of this type of disembodied spirit are channeled through well-meaning but deluded people and attract many followers who give over their power to them.They are easily spotted by their spiritual ambitions which are based in the manipulation of people's fears.This is sometimes couched in the language of Love and Light, but you will know them by their works.


Dark Force Insights


††††††††††† Always remember that darkness is just Light that is ignorant of its own Truth and you will be able to serve these beings by leading them to the Light.


††††††††††† We are talking about planetary forces of darkness whose only power have are the forces of illusion and seduction.


††††††††††† The most common is the Dark Lord.These entities often have worked with the forces of condensation and limitation since the beginnings of this planet.They have done their jobs well and have existed for a very long time without any direct experiences of Love or Light.They often hang out in the background and manipulate disembodied spirits and those individuals that they possess.

††††††††††† Once they have been confronted and had fierce quantities of Light poured into them, they often go through contortions while trying to escape the Light.

††††††††††† All of these fourth-dimensional beings that we have described thus far have one thing in common.They will shamelessly manipulate you through your deepest fears, doubts, and guilt.They will try to convince you that you will be powerless without them, that you will lose your best qualities and abilities without them, and that you will continually fail without them.Some will even try to convince you that you will die without them.They will do and say anything to protect their "job security".

††††††††††† We initially approach any of these beings with the utmost Compassion and Love.Most of them are just frightened of the Light and of the unknown.Anger, hate, and frustration will only give them something to attach to.

††††††††††† There are times, however, when fierceness is required -- concentrated focus of the Light of your own Spirit.Often these Dark Lords will just laugh off your attempts to Love them to the Light.They will be counting on your fears winning out.This is a time when it is appropriate to call upon your spirit and show them the magnificence of your beingness and your purpose here.In the Light of this, there is little or nothing that they can do except obey Universal Principle and go into the Light.


††††††††††† Sometimes you are not dealing with a simple case of possession.You may be in a situation where you are being directly manipulated by the Dark Forces.They may have just given you all these entities to clear from your tunnel in the hopes that you will be satisfied and not discover their presence.Once you have reached this level, hopefully your intuition will be strong enough to notice whether your energy has adequately cleared or not.If it hasn't, there may be a Dark Lord in the background.It will often attempt to be tricky, ugly, scary, and obnoxious.

††††††††††† You will have to take a very clear stand in the Light, but once detected, they too must obey the commands of the Light.Blast it with fierce White Light, do not waste time talking to it.Take it down to the Light, into the Light, and beyond.Remember this is not a power struggle.Darkness only has the power that you give it in your resistance to it.

††††††††††† Know that this Dark Lord is only Light that is ignorant of its own Truth and if it has been seen, it is simply its time to return home to the Light.Even though these beings may continue to play out the drama of not wanting to go, often they have gotten your attention in the first place because they know it is time for them to leave.


There are no bad guys.


††††††††††† It is important to know that you've gotten this far with continuous support form the forces of Light and Darkness.So if you miss an entity or a Dark Lord, don't worry about it.It may not be your time or theirs.The battle of the forces of Good and Evil is an illusion that is played out on the third and fourth dimensions.So while we are here, we do the best we can to build a new world in the context of the forces at play.


There are no victims.


††††††††††† There are no victims, but you externalized your power and now you feel powerless and victimized.You go through you lives but you are afraid to ask for help because you don't feel like you are worthy of being helped.


Dark Crystals:


††††††††††† Whenever you repress an emotional experience what it does is it crystallizes in the body as a dark energetic crystal with the entire experience compressed energetically, visually, and in every way the tones, the sounds, the energy of it, is right in that little dark crystal.That's a picture of reality.Of a repressed emotional experience, now stored in your physical body.Your physical bodies are crystalizations of your spirit.When your spirit wishes to express itself in an emotional way you find it traumatic or difficult.When we repress the experience, what you do is take it form a conscious level and you slow down its vibrations through the act of repression until the whole experience goes below the conscious level.It is still there.It is now repressed and contained in this little tiny dark crystal where the whole experience is still there going ... in a cell in your body.Pretty cool, huh?


And then all anybody has to come along and use certain tones and certain energies and that picture of reality can be activated.And it just goes ..., and there it is, and all of a sudden Dad is yelling at you again and Dad is not even around!But it looks like, smells like, tastes like, feels like, that asshole is here fucking with me again.Now that is called insanity.Because insanity is when you are not in touch with what is actually going on in current reality in the moment.In current reality Dad is not here, and yet you are reacting exactly as if Dad is here.You are insane.From yourselves, just like projected from a movie theater, this story is running again.Now if you do not recognize that this is a karmicly repressed energetic something in the cells of your body and you do not do something about it, it will begin manifesting through the world of form through the people who are closest, the most open, the most loving to you.Everybody will have to automatically play some sort of role in this drama for you to finally act it out and complete it.Your spirit is not going to let you off without finishing with that experience.


There are two ways you can complete experiences like that.One is karmicly which is you act them out in the world of form.The other is with the power of Grace which is what our tonal work does.---The crystal is shattered, the energy and information that is in it is released into an energetic form and then can be used for new creation.But if those suckers are going on and you don't catch them -- You get to live them!


And then what will you try to do when you are in it? What did you try to do the first time around?Repress the experience!So what do you do now?Repress the experience!And guess what?You have a double big juicy dark crystal there!Is this fun?It is exciting to know that your bodies are just full of this stuff.And that probably most of the time you are living your life out of these repressed dark crystals.And it is probably very rare that your actually living in a picture of reality that is your conscious choice.And most of you are living lives of quiet desperation that you are trying to strategize around or cope around these things that keep coming out of your emotional body that you don't seem to have any control over once somebody has triggered them.Cause once the movie starts rolling, unless you do something to break the chain of events, to break the patterns, to do something radically different there, it will manifest.And you will have to trudge through it.



Political Self and Survival Bubbles


The Political Self is something that everyone seems to have on this planet.It is the part of individuals that feels that the power to manifest dreams lies in the ability to manipulate oneself or others to make the dreams become a reality.This can be as grand as a new world or as simple as getting someone to carry out the garbage.The Political Self does not realize that all you have to do to cocreate what you desire is to adjust your picture of reality, since the Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.This makes it unnecessary to manipulate yourself or anyone else.

††††††††††† Survival Bubbles are a result of being raised in an environment that communicated to you that survival was the basis for existence.Your inner consciousness concludes from certain experiences in your childhood that you have to behave in certain ways to get love and acceptance or at least to not be hurt or cast out from your primary group.This inner consciousness then constructs an inner system that uses fear to control you from going outside the boundaries of certain types of behavior.These Survival Bubbles become an unconscious prison that makes it very difficult for individuals to live their lives freely from a basis of Divine Love.




Four basic emotional states:


1.††††††††††† Enthusiasm.Following your spirit without hesitation.A natural spontaneous karmic free state where life is great and I can do anything.


2.††††††††††† Anger.We all know about anger.Anger in its natural unrepressed state is a message from your own inner beingness that says your creations are over there, you are over here, you are way off base, you better get back on track.


††††††††††† Repressed anger makes the world look like everybody is controlling and manipulating everybody.


††††††††††† They are functioning by controlling or being controlled.


††††††††††† People who have a lot of repressed anger are usually kind of violent and abusive with their energies sometimes.They generally attract people who have a lot of fear.Because the anger types validate for the fear types that world is a dangerous place.


3.†††††††† Fear.Fear tells you that there is some real or imagined danger, some real possibility of the destruction of something that you are manifesting in its unrepressed state.


††††††††††† Repressed fear makes the world look like a dangerous place where you have to protect yourself and protect the people that you love.


††††††††††† People who have repressed a lot of fear -- one of the things that will drive you crazy around people who have a lot of repressed fear is the major message that comes from them is "stop"."Stop."It's all about stop!


4.†††††††† Grief.Grief tells you that something that you once valued will no longer be a part of your experience.Since you have to clear room for new experiences to come into your life.


††††††††††† Repressed grief will make the world look grey, shallow, and uninteresting.


††††††††††† People who have a lot of grief generally attract people in relationship to them who have a lot of fear.Because the people who have a lot of fear are looking for somebody to protect and take care of.The people who have a lot of repressed grief feel so helpless and hopeless in life that they are looking for someone in life to take care of them.



       Realize that Spirit has no fear whatsoever.It knows challenge and curiosity and creativity.It does not know fear, grief, or anger nor comprehend them.



3-rd dimensional:

††††††††††† Standard psychotherapy, etc.


4-th dimensional:

††††††††††† Body work, maybe sustained accupressure, acupuncture, whatever.You slowly bring all of this information into consciousness which raises its vibration, these memories flood into your consciousness and you bring it to a higher state where it enters a place of Grace in the consciousness and you release it and your done.Most of the fourth dimensional stuff requires that you go through this great emotional upheaval and this great emotional catharsis.


5-th dimensional:

††††††††††† Toning.You don't even have to bring it to consciousness, you go POW and it breaks and it's done and literally clear lifetimes worth of karma with this technology.Making the sounds helps bring it into a third dimensional context.With the toning process it doesn't require processing or catharsis.







††††††††††† The natural state and the natural duration for emotions in the body is 3 - 5 minutes.If it lasts longer than that it doesn't have anything to do with the present situation which is just a trigger.


††††††††††† The interesting thing about every one of these dark crystals that are repressed in you, in every one of these situations you were a victim.So the major element of the dark crystal pictures of reality is that there is an enemy.There is a someone or a something either in myself or in the world or in other people that can keep me from having what I want.



††††††††††† Most people on this planet spend most of their lives acting out dark crystals.That's called a karmic existence.


††††††††††† So what is the point of all this?We are here to cocreate a new world.We are all mutating.That means we all have dense physical bodies that are mutating in the direction of becoming light bodies.Imagine a physical body which has no dark crystals.You would have a light body.So dark crystals have been a part of the mastery of limitation and have contributed to density.So it was necessary to have them and it was necessary for it to be slow and difficult for you to release them previous to Mar 7, '88.But now it doesn't have to be slow and it doesn't have to take a long time, and those dark crystals don't have to run your life.The force of Grace is very high around this planet.The more light you bring into your body through channeling and doing different energy things, guess what happens.Anything that is unlike the light moves surges to the surface to be released when the light is present.So you are doing all kinds of wonderful stuff.All kinds of lights coming into your body and your consciousness and all of a sudden your in your shit up to your eyeballs.And you go "I thought I'm doing stuff to bring more light in, how come this is here?Did I fail?"No! You're doing a good job, now break those patterns and move on.You don't have to live in it and wallow around in it, feel sorry for yourself because it's up.It's just the next thing to do -- is to clear it and move on.You don't need to become a karma clearing fanatic so that you go looking for it but if it's up you certainly have to deal with it or it will manifest.You can't just ignore it, you can't deny it, and if you re-repress it, if you don't do it now you'll do it later.


††††††††††† You have control by calling these dark crystals, dark crystals or patterns, that's useful.You have control by channeling energies from other dimensions which will break the energies very quickly.Fifth dimensional energy is extremely accelerated.So literally what these tones do is cause you to energetically relive the whole experience in a millisecond.You feel it in your body but it happens so fast that there was no need to become conscious of it.some of your deeper core level things will need to become conscious of layer after layer after layer.But that's no big deal either.It's just part of the work.


††††††††††† Every time you release one of these patterns or one of these entities you make more room for pictures of reality that do not include enemies.So the more that this happens the less reason or motivation that the universe will have to rearrange itself to have you experience a reality that includes an enemy.And if it were to happen on a massive enough scale it would be the end to war.Because you have millions of people, billions of people with repressed karma that says there is an enemy, the universe must rearrange itself to accommodate it, somewhere.


††††††††††† There are times when one must come from a position of fierceness but not from a position that this is an enemy that I must overcome.Fierceness from our perspective is an intense concentration of the light of your spirit.


††††††††††† Ever notice that the most popular actors were the ones who never smiled, the ones who were very stoic -- heroes!Admired by the beings on this planet.Repressed, the most repressed one.If you are strong enough to overcome your emotions in this society you are in control.These are all concepts that have been developed for people who do not follow their spirits without hesitation.See if you're not listening to your emotions as information from your spirit, they are inconvenient when you are trying to control your reality.If your major focus is controlling your reality your emotions are damn inconvenient.And if your whole gig is trying to look to other people like you can control things.Which the whole world likes people who look like then can control things.You go to the guy who looks like he can get things done.He's stoic, he looks like he in control of his emotions, he looks like he is going to do what he said he is going to do.Must be a good person.Someone you can count on.


††††††††††† The trick is nobody has to do your vision.But you have to share.Because if you don't, you repress, that repression is going to go on to a dark crystal, and you are going to have moreto clear up.The trick is to clear what we have and not crate more.And in the process we return to a natural state of enthusiasm, we follow our spirits without hesitation, with ease.No problem following your spirit without hesitation when you are in that natural state of enthusiasm.Heck of a problem when you are in repressed anger, fear, or grief.It's downright difficult to follow your spirit thing.



††††††††††† Subpersonalities keep track of the way you are supposed to act in any given situation.You have subpersonalities that dictate how you will act at work.You have them with family.You have them with friends.That is why everyone of you basically act different in every situation.


††††††††††† Intensity of feeling creates, and you emotional intensities of denial have literally given this subpersonality life -- and it is now a living consciousness.


††††††††††† If you were to manifest every single one of those thousands of thoughts that you have per day, look at what your life would do on an hourly basis!


††††††††††† The easiest way to change anything that you truly want to change is to quit warring upon it, make peace with it an then you no longer need the lesson.Making peace with it means you learned the lesson, so the superpersonality can go its own way.


††††††††††† To create and to manifest in your current now you've got to let go of your past.You've got to let go of where you were.This is one of the hardest things to do because the physical body is actually created out of the past, lives in the past, and manifests from the past.


††††††††††† Your cells within your bodies know everything your progenitors have ever thought.Your cells in your bodies know the knowledge of this whole universe.The cells in your bodies know how to build another universe just like this one.


††††††††††† You've got to teach the body how to be the future as well as the present, so that you can go to the future in the thought and bring it back to the present now.


††††††††††† The light entity that you are is excited for this embodiment because it is going to be its vehicle for touching and for embracing.It is its grandest gift and it is excited.



A clearing technique:


††††††††††† Here is a little clue.When you don't want to think about somebody but you are still thinking about them.And you think about them over and over again.They are projecting information into your third eye.


††††††††††† You need to have some way to clear it out of your energetic fields.First you start by holding a vision in your consciousness of yourself in your natural enthusiastic state.Just radiant, following your spirit, ecstatic about being alive.And then you take your left hand and you rub in the center of your third eye.Circular motion.And then you take both of your hands, put them at the center of your third eye, and drag them across your forehead, pulling the energy off there and flick it off your hands.What you are doing there are clearing other peoples projections out of your third eye which allows you to get back to your own clarity and your holding in there a vision of your own natural enthusiastic state.Don't worry about where you are flicking it.The first thing you do is clear that by rubbing on the third eye.Put both hands on the center of the forehead dragging it across, and then flicking it off. Then you start with your hands underneath your chin, both hands cupped under your chin.Bring them up and across your face with your fingers touching here in the center.Bring it all the way around across the top of your head, down across the back, so that your hands come at the back of your neck.Draw them across the back of the neck and flick them off.Do that one one more time.Draw them under the chin, bring it up all the way across the face, bring the hands across the top of the head about 2 or 3 inches, 6 inches above.Bring them down to the back of the neck, drag them across and flick them off.Doesn't it feel different already?Now bring it across the throat.Put both of your hands at the center of the throat.Draw your hands across the throat and flick it off.Same thing with the heart.Put both of your hands on the heart at the center of the heart, drag it across, flip it off.Across the center of your solar plexus, drag your hands across, flick it off.Both hands at the center of the second chakara which is in the abdomen area, drag it across, flip it off.The first chakara which is at the base of your spine, put your hands back here in the back, drag it across, flick it off.Drag your hands across your buttocks, flick it off.Then take both arms.Put one hand on each shoulder.Slide your hands down your arms, flick it off.Take your hands put them at your hips.Slide them all the way down to your ankles, flick it off.Slide it from the front of the hips all the way down to the ankle, flick it off.


††††††††††† Something else you can do is just pretend like you have white gloves of light on your hands so that whenever you do this flick it is instantaneously transformed to light.You all feel better now.So you may find yourself wanting to use this if you are in an environments where people aren't conscious enough to deal with their own stuff.You may want to go off to the bathroom or something where nobody is watching and go whhha!Clear that off there!Get this stuff off me!...You may spend a lot of time in the bathroom or you may get more selective about who you spend your time with.


††††††††††† Basicly consider a transpersonal cocreative relationship, one where beings are willing to take responsibility for clearing their stuff.If you with somebody and they will not acknowledge that they are in a karmic pattern, or they will not acknowledge that they have a boogie, you should be out of there.Because there is no way we can move forward together.If this person is not willing to clear their stuff that means that you have to live it out for them.Sorry, that's not your life.There are sometimes when your spirit asks you to just honor that they are where they are and it not for you to go after it, to even bring it up.But you will know when those times are.And those will usually be times when you are clear of acting them out.You probably won't be in a position where you'll be required to act them out.But if you are in a position where you will be required to act them out you have the right to say something about it.If you see somebody for 10 minutes and you see that they are in their stuff.No sweat, because you shouldn't be around them 10 minutes from now.But if you have to be with them for 10 days, and they are acting out their stuff or you have to act out their stuff, then you better talk about it.You better put in another context for sure.