Excerpted from Shattering Life's Illusions


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What would you like to have control over?


What do you actually have control over?


Notice the way we phrase the original question -- If you could have control over things, what would you like to have control over?  If it was possible for you to have control, what would you like to have control over?


Consider the possibility that nothing is real here.  That it is all a dream, that it is all an illusion, that while you are in the dream and in the illusion, everything looks real, feels real, smells real, & tastes real.  But maybe it isn't.  Let's just consider that possibility for a moment. 


And then throw in what we perceive as a universal principle:

The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.  That means that whatever you define or label as reality you will get more of, it will manifest for you. 


Now lets look at where you actually have control.  You would like to have control.  Let's look and see where you have any control at all in your existence.  You have some small degree of creative control through your picture of reality, right?  So to the degree you have the ability to alter your picture of reality, to that degree you will have the ability to experience a reality different than the one you are experiencing now.  So if you are trying to control people or circumstances or energies in your life now, what does that imply as reality?  It implies that those things are not the way you want them to be.  That's a statement of a picture of reality which the universe will rearrange itself to accommodate.  So your desire for control over things implies that your life sucks.  So you do not like your life very much.  It is not really very much the way you would like it to be.  The universe will then rearrange itself to accommodate you by manifesting a life that is not very much like you would like it to be.  So the desire for conscious control for life, people, circumstances, and events in your life manifests itself because it implies a reality.  It manifests itself in you having more control.  It manifests itself in you having more of those things that you would like to control. And the fact that there are things in your life that you would like to control implies that your reality is not satisfactory.  Nice place to start out!


So how do you imply that your reality is satisfactory?  But now that you know this information you would say that you do not be in control as a way of controlling things.  I figured that out, I can beat that game.  So if I try to control things then I will have less control so I will try not to control things as a way to have more control. 


Is surrender an appropriate approach?

Surrender is an often misunderstood term but it is an appropriate term -- going with the flow, don't push the river.  The creative control comes at the level of being able to alter your picture of reality.  That is where you have creative control.  To the degree that you have access to the technologies that will allow you to alter your picture of reality, to that degree you have some control.  But once things are in the process of manifesting you haven't got shit control over them.  Because they are what they are and there doing what they are doing and they are emerging from your picture of reality.  And you, what you are doing, to a large extent, is emerging from others peoples pictures of reality.  So, whose who in the zoo?  who's running the show?  Half the time other people are acting out your picture of reality, and the other half of the time you are acting out theirs.  Where do you get to be in control of all this, how much control do you get?  Maybe very little.  But maybe with that little you can learn to be very precise. 


? You all have little things called emotional bodies.  Most of the things you that you wanted to control was your emotional body, correct?  Or somehow related to your emotional body.  Because it seems to be the thing in your life that you have the least amount of control over.  And it seems to run you around the block the most, and tie you in knots the most.  The reason that you have so much desire to control your emotional bodies at this stage in your life is because you have been controlling them in the past.  Whenever you repress an emotional experience what it does is it crystallizes in the body as a dark energetic crystal with the entire experience compressed energetically, visually, and in every way the tones, the sounds, the energy of it, is right in that little dark crystal.  That's a picture of reality.  Of a repressed emotional experience, now stored in your physical body.  Your physical bodies are crystallization's of your spirit.  When your spirit wishes to express itself in an emotional way you find it traumatic or difficult.  When we repress the experience, what you do is take it form a conscious level and you slow down its vibrations through the act of repression until the whole experience goes below the conscious level.  It is still there.  It is now repressed and contained in this little tiny dark crystal where the whole experience is still there going ... in a cell in your body.  Pretty cool, huh?


And then all anybody has to come along and use certain tones and certain energies and that picture of reality can be activated.  And it just goes ..., and there it is, and all of a sudden Dad is yelling at you again and Dad is not even around!  But it looks like, smells like, tastes like, feels like, that asshole is here fucking with me again.  Now that is called insanity.  Because insanity is when you are not in touch with what is actually going on in current reality in the moment.  In current reality Dad is not here, and yet you are reacting exactly as if Dad is here.  You are insane.  From yourselves, just like projected from a movie theater, this story is running again.  Now if you do not recognize that this is a karmicly repressed energetic something in the cells of your body and you do not do something about it, it will begin manifesting through the world of form through the people who are closest, the most open, the most loving to you.  Everybody will have to automatically play some sort of role in this drama for you to finally act it out and complete it.  Your spirit is not going to let you off without finishing with that experience. 


There are two ways you can complete experiences like that.  One is karmicly which is you act them out in the world of form.  The other is with the power of Grace which is what our tonal work does.  ---  The crystal is shattered, the energy and information that is in it is released into an energetic form and then can be used for new creation.  But if those suckers are going on and you don't catch them -- You get to live them!


And then what will you try to do when you are in it? What did you try to do the first time around?  Repress the experience!  So what do you do now?  Repress the experience!  And guess what?  You have a double big juicy dark crystal there!  Is this fun?  It is exciting to know that your bodies are just full of this stuff.  And that probably most of the time you are living your life out of these repressed dark crystals.  And it is probably very rare that your actually living in a picture of reality that is your conscious choice.  And most of you are living lives of quiet desperation that you are trying to strategize around or cope around these things that keep coming out of your emotional body that you don't seem to have any control over once somebody has triggered them.  Cause once the movie starts rolling, unless you do something to break the chain of events, to break the patterns, to do something radically different there, it will manifest.  And you will have to trudge through it. 


How many of you have been in relationships with someone?  And you picked somebody consciously who is radically different than anybody that you have ever been in a relationship with before because you are tired of the same old shit happening with the same people.  Over and over again every time you get into a relationship it always ends up the same.  Where do you think that "always ends up the same" comes from?  Out of the repressed dark crystals in your body that you somehow have never been willing to finish with.  So you are in a relationship with someone -- they are open and loving.  What are they the most likely to do?  They are more likely to act out your shit than anyone else on the planet.  They are the closest most open aspect of the universe, ripe and ready to rearrange themselves to accommodate your picture of reality.  So if you have all kinds of repressed crystals in your body around having your mate in a relationship trying to manipulate or control you.  They may have never manipulated or tried to control anyone else but they will you.  Because they have to.  It is in your repressed dark crystal energies. 


And when you first get in a relationship, you are operating in the context of divine love.  See when you follow your Spirit without hesitation you live in a state of Grace.  That means these dark crystals don't exist for you.  When you don't follow your spirit without hesitation you live in the world of karma.  Which means you usually dealing with one of these dark crystals or another.  Even if your are clearing them you can go from one to another because you have been gathering them for lifetimes.  Somehow the universe figures out how to implant the ones from your past existence into the cells of your body as you are creating it for this existence.  And if you are a walk-in you are carrying around somebody's else's shit -- it isn't even your own.  But it is there.  Are we having fun yet?  We are certainly becoming more conscious of something.



See there is a picture of reality beginning to emerge in the room, can you feel it?  It's overwhelming, it's hopeless, I'm helpless.  I can't do all that.  It's thick.  Something we have been doing, something we have been saying, has triggered that.  The overwhelming sense of hopelessness in the room.  So shall we all break our patterns.



They are just pictures of reality.  If you didn't do something about them they would begin to manifest.  If you didn't break the chain by doing what we just did it would begin to manifest.  and it would be useless to continue to talk to you about any of this because what smelt real, tasted real, and sounded real to you, what you were calling real was I will never be able to integrate and utilize this.  So why bother continuing.  So we break the patterns, we break the pictures of reality, we shatter them, there is still some of it going on in the room but the heavier part of it has lifted.  Who feels that it hasn't lifted for them -- that they need a little extra boost?


(A member of the audience stands while others tone for him.)


There are four basis emotional states that your are dealing with in the context of the model that we are going to share with you.  Remember always that models do not accurately describe the workings of the universe or your emotional body.  Models allow you to explore certain possibilities that you probably wouldn't be able to explore if you didn't use those models.  So we are going to present this model as a way of exploring the possibilities.  Let's say that when you are in a state of Grace and you are following your spirit without hesitation, your natural emotional state, your primary emotional state is enthusiasm.  The root of the world is enthusiasm -- God like consciousness or in God filled consciousness.  So enthusiasm a natural spontaneous, yea, life is great, yea, I can do anything, yea, everything will work out.  Is the natural state when you are following your spirit without hesitation.  Not in your karmic shit.  So that is like your natural state for beingness.  An innocent natural beingness is just that way.  You tend to feel that anyone can do anything and you can do anything and everything in life will work out perfectly.  You feel naturally in the harmonic flow of events.


Then the next state is anger.  We all know about anger.  When you are in enthusiasm do you not experience yourself as a cocreator of the universe?  And do you not usually have creations in process that you are working with?  Well anger in its natural unrepressed state is a message from your own inner beingness that says your creations are over here, you are over here, you are way off base, you better get back on track.  So that is what anger is if it is unrepressed.  Fear tells you that there is some real or imagined danger, some real possibility of the destruction of something that you are manifesting in its unrepressed state.  Grief tells you that something that you once valued will no longer be a part of your experience.  It is history, gone, bye, bye.  So grief is just a way a letting go and saying good-by.  Because in the process of creating things you only have X amount of space, X amount of time, X amount of energy, some things have to leave for other things to come.  It is just an ongoing constant process.  Things are leaving and things are coming.  It is just a natural part of the flow of existence.  Now enter the phenomena of repression.  Now what happens to a being who represses anger?  What does the world begin to look like then, the dominant world view, when you repress anger?  It looks like everybody is controlling and manipulating everybody.  The more anger you repress the more it looks that way.  When you are in enthusiasm you don't give a shit about of that stuff.  You know other people do it but it doesn't matter.  Because what really matters is that you are full of your spirit you're on the move cocreating something and you feel wonderful.  So if you have repressed a lot of anger you will tend to look at the world because you will have a large conglomeration of dark crystals that are full of repressed anger and you will look out at the world and you will be absolutely certain that what is real on a day to day basis are people are manipulating and controlling each other constantly.  And that will be your dominant perception of reality. 


Now if you have repressed a lot of fear, how will the world look to you.  It will look like a dangerous place where you have to protect yourself and protect the people that you love.  And if you have repressed a lot of grief how will life look to you?  It will look gray it will look shallow, it will look uninteresting.  Who gives a shit anyway?  We are all helpless, we are all hopeless.  There is nothing I can do anyway.  What you will find generally is people who have repressed a lot of grief are usually drawn to thoughts of suicide and to drugs as a form of escape.  Because life's fucked anyway.  Who cares?  It's a nice way to get numbed out, to get away from it all.  People who have repressed a lot of fear support the insurance companies.  Buy lots of fire alarms.  They put lots of locks on their doors or they become policeman.  They are either protecting or being protected, cause the world is a dangerous place you know. 


People who have repressed a lot of anger are controlling or being controlled.  Still having fun?  (toning - Using sound to shatter crystals.)


Your mission if you choose to accept it is to whenever you notice that your perception shifts to feeling like people are trying to control or manipulating people here, you need to protect yourself or others here, it feels kind of hopeless, like your are not going to get anything out of it, that you bop your patterns or ask someone to help you with it. 


? A lot of times I will have an awareness there but I don't feel any energy to make the tones or the sounds and I know that would move it and I've wondered if that is another pattern or if its just not time to move it.  A: yes, yes, & yes.  It could be any and all of them.  So like everybody else you take your own chances and pay your own dues. 


? What is going on if you don't feel like you don't have any of that repressed?  A: You are just deluding yourself.  If you are in a physical body you have repressed karmic information in the cells.  There is no way to be in a physical body in this world that came through an ancestral lineage that you can avoid having that.  You are just a master of repressing your inner beingness to the degree that if something comes up that you don't agree with you instantly repress it.  You are very powerful at controlling your inner world.  And as a result of that to some degree it looks to you like you have a lot of control over your outer world.  But one of the ways you have a lot of control over your outer world is you just don't have a lot of people around.  It is easier if there is no one else around to control your outer world.  If you don't introduce the elements of other people who would act out your shit, is why some beings choose the life of hermit.  There is nobody around to act out their shit.  so they can at least have a period of time where they believe they don't have any.  When they start introducing people then it starts coming up again. 


? Self help -- is sound the only way?  A: There are many different technologies.  The third dimensional technologies is that you find out that your mother abused you as a child or that your father did.  And so two years later, three years later, we're probably at the bottom of some of that stuff, maybe your life is starting to get together, but you have had to come twice a week and work with you very extensively.  The fourth dimensional technologies is that you do body work , maybe sustained accupressure, acupuncture, whatever, these memories flood into your consciousness and you bring it to a higher state and you release it and your done.  In fifth dimensional technologies you don't even have to bring it to consciousness, you go POW and it breaks and it's done and literally clear lifetimes worth of karma with this technology.


The sounds we are making are actually accessing the force of Grace which allows for a fresh start in the moment with no efforts into the past.  It is an instantaneous release.  Making the sounds helps bring it into a third dimensional context.  Everything that comes from another dimension needs some sort of access point into this dimension.  So there is a physical manifestation of something that is willing to be an instrument in this dimension for those energies to play through then they can come through. 


The dark crystals can also be though of as energies that have become polarized rather than a whole circuit and so bringing these tones and energies and colors actually through into this dimension to reconnect that polarized circuit.  We call it polar and fusion release. 


? Work for others.  A: Generally the kind of stuff you could do when something is up if he was tuned into and open to these technologies you could do them with him.  If not, you can do it energetically on yourself, because anybody who is in your ancestral or genetic lineage, whatever work you do with yourself, instantly translates to them.  What they do with it is completely up to them.  But anything that you do is like anyone you have ever had sex with you are genetically connected to.  ... Whatever you do in terms of improving your consciousness is made instantly available to that person, whatever they do to improve their consciousness is instantly made available to you.  (likewise the negative).  [Sex is multilevel marketing for karma release].  Ignorance of divine law is no excuse. 


The natural state and the natural duration for emotions in the body is 3 - 5 minutes.  So that means that if you are having an unexpressed natural experience of anger things are way out of line, what you are doing here, that anger will stay in your body 3 - 5 minutes.  If there is a natural and appropriate kind of fear that you need to have in this situation it will last in you body without any repression 3 - 5 minutes.  A natural state of grief will last 3 - 5 minutes.  If it lasts longer than that it doesn't have anything to do with the present situation.  The present situation has simply been a trigger for a dark crystal.  If it lasts longer than 3-5 minutes your finishing something that was repressed either in a past life or previously in this existence.  If is unrepressed it is finished.  When you repress something you slow down its vibrations until it goes underneath the conscious state so you can no longer be conscious of it. 


When you use fourth dimensional technologies like acupuncture, and archaic forms of what you call psychology here, basically what they do is either rapidly or slowly bring all of this information into consciousness which raises its vibration.  And then once its vibration is raised to a certain point it enters a place of Grace in the consciousness and it is finished.  You may find in your existence that you may be drawn to do all three.  You may at times want to go "when have I felt like this before?" and begin to get in touch with the thoughts and feeling as to where this came from and that is more of a psychological approach.  Or you may in the middle of some sort of body work, message, or whatever have whole experiences flash into your consciousness and move on.  The interesting thing about every one of these dark crystals that are repressed in you, in every one of those situations you were a victim.  So the major element of the dark crystal pictures of reality is that there is an enemy.  There is a someone or a something either in myself or in the world or in other people that can keep me from having what I want.  It is an element in every one of these dark crystals.  And it is probably the primary reason that you repressed them -- repressed these primary experiences.  Because you felt completely overwhelmed by your experience and your ability to deal with it or control it.  And so your repressed it in the emotional body. 


Many at you actually wanted to get better at repressing your emotions because you thought that would improve your existence.  When in fact it would increase the number of dark crystals you had to deal with and take your life even more out of a position where you had any control over.  Cause your creative control is extremely low when you are acting out your shit.  Because when you are in it, it looks real.  Looks real, tastes real, and as far as you are concerned it is real.  Even though everyone else around you is saying that's not me -- no, that's not me, you've got that wrong.  You are saying yes you do!  I can see it, I can feel it, it's real!  It's real to you because it is activated being projected from your consciousness, but it is not necessarily real to the people who end up playing roles for you.  And sometimes they are shocked and appalled at what they have to act out for you.  They are going "Fuck, I love you but this is ridiculous!" 


[Best for relationships to agree] if there is any shit up we handle it right away.  Because if you don't handle it, it manifests, if it manifests on a big enough level it will destroy the relationship.  When you see it happening you finish it right then if you can.  Sometimes you can't because sometimes information needs to percolate up to the surface a little more.  There is not enough of it up there to like totally get it.  So you sit and you percolate.  You sit and stew in your shit. 


Also agree to break the other persons patters if our spirit will allow us to.  But if they need to percolate, we'll go to break their patterns and there won't be anything there.


Most people on this planet spend most of their lives acting out dark crystals.  That's called a karmic existence.  When we say follow you spirit without hesitation, what we are saying is, live in the moment, live in a state of Grace and it won't be about acting out your karma or working our your karma.  It will be about being a cocreative element in a larger divine design. 




[You need to be able] to release yourself from karma once it's been triggered and to move back to that state of Grace and that natural state of cocreation in enthusiasm which is the way you were intended to be.  If you look at a child that has not yet been socialized you will see that natural state for beings in their emotional bodies.  They are naturally enthusiastic, they are naturally in a state of wonder and awe, they are always wondering what's next, they're always looking for what's next.  When they are angry, they are totally intensely angry for about 3-5 minutes.  when they're sad, they're totally sad for about 3-5 minutes, and when they are scared it is for about 3-5 minutes and they are back to whatever is next.  That's the way children are.  And that is the natural state for each and every one of you in relationship to your emotions.  [Many] have worked long and hard to reach the point where there can naturally and spontaneously allow their emotions to be whatever they are whenever they are.  When it comes to anger they do the best they can not to direct it at someone else.  That keeps it clean.  Basically what they try to communicate is I am experiencing anger instead of "you make me mad".  Because the truth is that you are experiencing anger and it is an energy in motion in your body, it's an emotion.  It's a high activation of energy.  People who are experiencing anger take action.  It's a high action state.  Enthusiasm is a high action state. 


People who have repressed a lot of fear -- one of the things that will drive you crazy around people who have a lot of repressed fear is the major message that comes from them is "stop".  "Stop."  It's all about stop! 


People who have a lot of grief generally attract people in relationship to them who have a lot of fear.  Because the people who have a lot of fear are looking for somebody to protect and take care of.  The people who have a lot of repressed grief feel so helpless and hopeless in life that they are looking for someone in life to take care of them. 


People who have a lot of repressed anger are usually kind of violent and abusive with their energies sometimes.  They generally attract people who have a lot of fear.  Because the anger types validate for the fear types that world is a dangerous place.  So just looking at that you can just look at some of your relationships and get some insights as to what was dominant in terms of repressions in you and them. 


So what is the point of all this?  We are here to cocreate a new world.  We are all mutating.  That means we all have dense physical bodies that are mutating in the direction of becoming light bodies.  Imagine a physical body which has no dark crystals.  You would have a light body.  So dark crystals have been a part of the mastery of limitation and have contributed to density.  So it was necessary to have them and it was necessary for it to be slow and difficult for you to release them previous to Mar 7, '88.  But now it doesn't have to be slow and it doesn't have to take a long time, and those dark crystals don't have to run your life.  The force of Grace is very high around this planet.  The more light you bring into your body through channeling and doing different energy things, guess what happens.  Anything that is unlike the light moves surges to the surface to be released when the light is present.  So you are doing all kinds of wonderful stuff.  All kinds of lights coming into your body and your consciousness and all of a sudden your in your shit up to your eyeballs.  And you go "I thought I'm doing stuff to bring more light in, how come this is here?  Did I fail?"  No! You're doing a good job, now break those patterns and move on.  You don't have to live in it and wallow around in it, feel sorry for yourself because it's up.  It's just the next thing to do -- is to clear it and move on.  You don't need to become a karma clearing fanatic so that you go looking for it but if it's up you certainly have to deal with it or it will manifest.  You can't just ignore it, you can't deny it, and if you re-repress it, if you don't do it now you'll do it later. 


It's not about getting all your dark crystals out because the more light that happens the faster the stuff will move.  Eventually it will reach the point where it will just be gone.  You don't have to do anything for it.  But right now we are still at somewhat of a cumbersome stage in this transition where it requires that you confront and deal with these energies as they come up.  What is even more interesting is that these dark crystals, you've heard us talk about disembodied spirits -- boogies?  These dark crystals often have little boogies who are in charge of making sure you don't break these patterns.  That's their job -- to keep you in your shit.  To give you there's "Well I just don't have anything to break this pattern with, I guess.  Just doesn't seem to be there. "  So then what you have is a dark crystal with a boog sitting on top of it orchestrating it.  But you have something even more extraordinary, which is you spirit to guide you through all of this.  Why do we say follow you spirit without hesitation?  Because if you are not you are probably following boogs without hesitation.  Or you are living out your dark crystals without hesitation.  If you follow you spirit without hesitation you are living in a state of Grace, karmaless state.  Even though you may be in a body full of karma.  While you are following you spirit without hesitation you are in a karmaless state. 


Maybe worth doing?  Worth giving a shot at least?  One more good reason to follow your spirit.  Reason #345. 


? There are times when you feel really clear - which is when you are in a state of enthusiasm.  And the other times when the dark crystals have been activated, I feel confused, even though I have this information, and I struggle inside to know what my spirit wants at all.  A: At that point in time we think that is absolutely the worst time to try to figure out what to do.  We want you to remember that in those states there is only one thing to do.  Bust that pattern - bust that boogie.  There is nothing else to do.  Because once the pattern is broken and the boogie is busted you'll be back to that natural state of enthusiasm and you won't have any problem knowing what to do.  So the goal is to do whatever you can to not repress but to allow anything to come up and to move out.  Not to go looking for it, not to go digging for it, but if you are in the process of moving forward, deal with it and then in your own natural living out your life to train yourself not to repress your emotions but to allow that 3-5 minute flash.  Most people don't want to do that because they are afraid they will be harmful people if they allow themselves to be angry or if they allow themselves to be afraid they are afraid that that will manifest.  Repressing your fears and even greater fascination with fears than allowing it.  [In doing this we will] hardly ever experience fear, because they are not repressing it and they have also released huge banks of repressed fear out of their body.  Just in their normal every day living their existence stuff noticing whenever it comes up and dealing with it.  One of the ways they notice its come up is they aren't following their spirit anymore.  That's a clue folks that's your shits up.  It becomes increasingly difficult to follow your spirit when you are operating out of a dark crystal.


Imagine that your major focus on life is fear.  Follow your spirit without hesitation.  Fuck you, it's dangerous out there!  Your major emphasis is repressed anger.  Follow your spirit without hesitation.  Are you crazy if I did that they'd be manipulating and controlling me like crazy, I won't have a chance.  A lot of repressed grief.  Follow your spirit without hesitation.  Why man, who cares, life is fucked anyway.  In enthusiasm you say to somebody "follow your spirit without hesitation", Oh yea, I always do.  Just the way I am.  I call it hunches, like gut feelings you know but I think its the same stuff. 


People are in that naturally state of enthusiasm are consistently powerful as cocreative interactive forces with the universe.  If you are actively out a repressed anger, fear, or grief crystal, you will find it almost impossible to follow your spirit.  Because you are in a place where spirit is not relevant at that point.  So the key is to master allowing your emotional expression rather than repressing it or controlling it.  And allowing whatever pictures of reality are there to come up and deal with them instantly with the technology that we have made available to you.  It doesn't take much to go boop, bop, bow.  And it doesn't take much to sit down for a moment and send those boogies to the light.  But if you don't do it, you'll live it.  You'll live it out.  It will manifest in the world of form and what could have taken you five minutes could take you five months.  [Many] prefer the five minutes.  Usually when it comes up get right to it.  Sometimes it has to perk. 


Anytime we can allow who we are on the other dimensions through into this dimension, we want to do it.  [Focusing on] all of the dark crystals [it seems endless ...]  Look upon it as "I am a master here to cocreate in the world every time I break a pattern or a dark crystal, every time I bust a boogie it allows a greater expression of my divinity into this dimension."  That whenever your shits up or a boogie is up you go "Hot damn! more light coming.  Another shot for the light, lets go for it!"  And then it becomes an ecstatic part of your everyday existence.  And pretty soon its only happening because your dealing with it right away. It's like 10-20% of the time.  But if don't deal with it right away it's 80-90% of the time that it's going on.  80-90% of the time you are in your shit or you are in a karmic context.  When you are in a follow your spirit cocreative context and you are dealing with that stuff when it comes up 80-90% of the time you are in enthusiasm.  And you are wondering what's next and you are creating something.  Excited about what is next.  And you can feel like shit physically and yet it doesn't matter because you are in a state of enthusiasm.  You can be totally wiped out by something that was required of you by spirit, and you are still going "Life's great!" 




With the toning process it doesn't require processing or catharsis.  Most of the fourth dimensional stuff requires that you go through this great emotional upheaval and this great emotional catharsis. 




You mean that if you are in the middle of your shit and you become aware of it that that could affect the whole energetic.  In physics the phenomena known as entrainment a smaller field will always align and attune itself with the higher vibrational field.  So enthusiasm is a high field and anger is a low field.  Fear is a lower field and grief is lower still.  So what happens is that all of a sudden you become enthusiastic, you realize "shits up, karma here to deal with, boogies to bust" and you get enthusiastic about it.  What happens when you bring that high enthusiastic energy into the circumstance and it begins to raise the vibration of the whole thing and increases the speed through which it can be released.  People who are depressed about having their karma up, guess what they're going to do?  It's going to take forever for them to get through. 




There are people who are depressed, or scared or angry who basically feign enthusiasm.  That's not true enthusiasm.  We are talking about the God consciousness where you genuinely are in the flow and are unstoppable and you feel like there is nothing that you can not do and you love everybody and everybody loves you.  True enthusiasm.  We are not talking about people who jack themselves up to get over how terrible their life is.  It where actually depend upon where the true emotional state is as to what they will actually be living.  If you begin to consciously bring enthusiasm as much as you can to everything that you are doing you are going to upgrade your experience.  So even if you are in the deepest level of your shit, if you can be enthusiastic about how much light will come through when you get this thing finished.  It implies a whole different reality, it implies what is real for you is the light.  What is real for you is Grace, and this shit is just shit.  What if when you are in your shit, when your karma is going on you relate to it as if it is karmic patterning, not reality.  Just by recognizing it as a patterning or a dark crystal, just by acknowledging it as that, you cease to call it reality.  It automatically breaks the chain of manifestation.  It will only manifest if you relate to it on all levels if you relate to it as if it is reality.  As soon as you acknowledge it, it will break the chains of manifestation.  What you manifested up to that point will still be there to be dealt with.  Now are you beginning to see where you have creative control.


You have control by calling these dark crystals, dark crystals or patterns, that's useful.  You have control by channeling energies from other dimensions which will break the energies very quickly.  Fifth dimensional energy is extremely accelerated.  So literally what these tones do is cause you to energetically relive the whole experience in a millisecond.  You feel it in your body but it happens so fast that there was no need to become conscious of it.  some of your deeper core level things will need to become conscious of layer after layer after layer.  But that's no big deal either.  It's just part of the work.  You are moving in the direction of becoming a light body it's the next thing you are suppose to do is to break a pattern, release dark crystals, bust a boogie, how wonderful.  It's just as good as anything else you could do.  Just one more thing to do.  It's no big deal. 


The energy is shifting rather nicely, you're starting to get your hope back,  you're starting to say "Well, shit, I could do this."  All it requires of you is to pay attention and explore this model.  What have you got to loose.  You have a lot to gain from playing around with the idea -- when it's up, your next step in the cocreation of heaven on earth is to break these crystals, or bust the boogies.  And that is the single most important thing you can do in that moment to support the cocreation of heaven on earth.  When you break those crystals or bust those boogies, all of a sudden within the context of your space, access to more light which can come into this dimension will be made available to this planet. 


Every time you release one of these patterns or one of these entities you make more room for pictures of reality that do not include enemies.  So the more that this happens the less reason or motivation that the universe will have to rearrange itself to have you experience a reality that includes an enemy.  And if it were to happen on a massive enough scale it would be the end to war.  Because you have millions of people, billions of people with repressed karma that says there is an enemy, the universe must rearrange itself to accommodate it, somewhere. 


? Can you consciously replace these dark crystals  A: That's up to your spirit, let you spirit decide what to put in there.  (You do do that consciously with the superconscious technique.)


We can get on top of this thing. ...

Enthusiasm is not just jumping up and down with pom-poms in your hands.  Enthusiasm is a state where you are in touch with the feeling, and in touch with the rhythm of the universe and of you life, of the flow, you're flowing, you are unstoppable, you love everybody, everybody loves you, That's the natural state of enthusiasm, and it can express itself in different people in many different ways.  It doesn't require any jumping up and down with pom-poms.  You don't have to be a cheer leader to be enthusiastic.  Some people can be very understated with their enthusiasm, and yet that is their natural state.  It will express differently through different entities and through different designs. 


?  How do you know the difference between some dark force making a thing happening and your karma shit?  A: They are the same.  The dark forces cannot manipulate you except through a place where you can except that there is an enemy.  The only place that you generally accept that there is an enemy is in these dark crystals in your body.  If when they are active the dark forces can manipulate you through them.  When you are in your shit you can be manipulated by the dark forces.  When you are not you can't be.  When ever you break a pattern you are making yourself more available to the forces of light and less available to the dark forces. 




There are times when one must come from a position of fierceness but not from a position that this is an enemy that I must overcome.  Fierceness from our perspective is an intense concentration of the light of your spirit. 




One of the reasons that we recommend that people identify themselves as extra terrestrials  and begin to use their extra terrestrial name if that is in fact true for them, on the other dimensions, is because what it sets up is a dynamic where you are not as likely to identify with anything that is of the third or forth dimension.  So you are not as likely to identify with a boog and think it's you, or you're not as likely to identify with your karmic shit and think it's real.  Because your true reality is you're an extra terrestrial on a space ship and this name resonates with the energy of your true identity.  So if you are an extra terrestrial on a space ship, none of this shit is real down here. 


One of the main reasons that we were attracted to connect to you through our vision and also you is because, we see only that ecstatic future self you are and in seeing that we help in evoking it into the present moment.  So it was to connect you again with you rather than this identification which you have had around you with all this shit and all of these boogies. 


? ( Don't have the energy to deal with it even though it has been identified. )  It is entirely appropriate to call someone up and ask for help.  You have a whole room of people and it works well over the phone.  As for self reliance, who do you think wants to stay in that self reliance mode?  The boogies.  "I don't need anybody else, I got me and all my boogs! I don't need nobody!" 



When somebody is in their shit, you no longer exist.  You symbolize or represent something in their dark crystal picture of reality.  You as you have no existence for them.  But you see another thing that is real useful, often many of you are out there trying to decide who you want to spend time with.  And how are you trained in this society to relate to people?  You go to their level.  So if you want to be in a relationship with someone or they want to be in a relationship with you, if you're going to be a good relationship person then you're suppose to go to their level and relate to them on their level, right?  Bull Shit!  You need to relate in enthusiasm.  I'm not going to hang out in your repressed anger, fear, or grief just to have a relationship with you.  We are masters of that.  You can come in totally in your shit.  Where are we?  We are enthusiastic about that aren't we?  We're going wow! it is so great you are in this shit, I just know it's going to be wonderful for you.  We cannot come to your level.  If you are going to relate to us, you must either come to ours, which is enthusiasm, or go find somebody who will play at the level you are at.  But we have taken a stand in enthusiasm.  We require anyone who comes in our presence to relate to us on our level.  We will not go to any other level to relate to someone. 




We look at on a percentage basis.  What we call an effective relationship, a cocreative relationship, is 80% enthusiasm, 20% shit.  If it's the other way around, we're history, we're out of there.  If it's 80% shit and 20% enthusiasm it's horribly unbalanced in a way where it would be an enormous amount of work to try to alter it, we just end the relationship. 

See that's what happens if you don't deal with these things when they come up, it's not 20% it's 80%.  Because once it begins to manifest if you haven't acknowledged it as a dysfunctional pattern in yourself or the other person.  See one of the ways you can tell if somebody's in their shit -- their faces loose their spontaneity and their eyes loose their light.  That means that there is a glaze over them.  They're no longer in a natural state, they are projecting from a deeper level of their being a picture. 




There are little clues, people who are in a natural state of enthusiasm, their eyes are bright, their faces are animated.  When you loose the animation and spontaneity in your face, the sparkle in your eye, you are in your shit.  There are people who have been in repressed anger or grief all of their lives and they don't even know what you are talking about when you are talking about enthusiasm.  They don't know what it feels like to have that spontaneity.  There's a whole planet full of such beings.  In fact if you watch the movies, many of the heroes, in the movies, are people who are extremely repressed.  The more repressed the better.  It is interesting, we were listening to an interview about Elvis Presley on the radio and something that he'd mentioned to producers of his movies when he first started doing movies that he noticed that the most popular actors were the ones who never smiled, the ones who were very stoic -- heroes!  Admired by the beings on this planet.  Repressed, the most repressed one.  If you are strong enough to overcome your emotions in this society you are in control.  These are all concepts that have been developed for people who do not follow their spirits without hesitation.  See if you're not listening to your emotions as information from your spirit, they are inconvenient when you are trying to control your reality.  If your major focus is controlling your reality your emotions are damn inconvenient.  And if your whole gig is trying to look to other people like you can control things.  Which the whole world likes people who look like then can control things.  You go to the .. and this guy look like he can get things done.  He's stoic, he looks like he in control of his emotions, he looks like he is going to do what he said he is going to do.  Must be a good person.  Someone you can count on. 


? Dealing with anger in a friend, is it appropriate it's fine with me its wonderful that you have that anger, but I do not want to be around that energy, please go somewhere else.  A:  A lot of times when people are in their shit and their just dumping it on you and you see it's their shit and it has nothing to do with you.  You can excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and don't come back.  Sit in there and read a magazine or something.  You know the first thing to do is identify for them as far as your concerned they're into something that doesn't have anything to do with what's real.  Which will generally either put them deeper into their shit -- and they'll say "fuck you and the white horse you rode in on" or they'll say yea, I think you are right.  Either way the energy is moving, whether you intensify it for them, or see when like somebody is stuck in shit, there is two ways out of it.  You can either inspire them out through the top or you can drive them out through the bottom.  There is a hole out at the top and the bottom.  So if I see people are not open to being inspired I would hope for them that things would get terribly worse fast.  Cause their only way out is through the bottom.  Some people are impossible to inspire.  They are so determined to do it on their own and their determined that what they are in is real that their only way out is to completely live it all the way out clear through to the absolute worst possibility.  My recommendation for them is go for it, find somebody who'll go to the bottom with you and I'll see you later.  We are not trying to relate to people on their level anymore, we are not trying to go to their level and connect to them as a way of manipulating them to have a relationship with us.  We are cocreating a world.  We need to be in our natural state of enthusiasm to be cocreative and we need to be in our natural state of enthusiasm to easily follow our spirits.  It's essential for us, it's like oxygen.  If we don't have it we're dying so I can't go die with somebody just because they're in repressed anger, fear or grief.  If they want to live they can come vibrate at the level I'm vibrating at or its OK with me if they die.  I'm not in charge of who should live or who should die.  I'm not in charge of who should shift now or who should shift later. 


We go down with them because we looove them.  Do any of you have aspirations to be healers?  If you have any of that you will go down with them.  Any of you have any spiritual ambition -- like you want to save the world?  If you have any of that you'll go down with them.  Is there a right use of that desire to serve?  From our perspective the right us of that is to follow your spirit without hesitation.  To become an absolute humble servant to your own spirit.  To be an instrument through which the divinity that you are on other dimensions can flow into this one.  You have no idea why or what is going to happen as a result of it.  You just say Yes.  And then find out how your spirit wishes to serve.  What it progressively gets to is you realize that you're not in charge of this anyway.  All your desire for control is because most of the time you are living out dark crystals.  When you are living in a natural state of enthusiasm you desire for control is minimal.  Almost nil.  So here's what we would like all of you to do when you are here.  It's important to become natural and spontaneous with your feelings.  This is a society that encourages you to be controlling.  But if you get caught at it you are a bad person.  Nobody likes to be manipulated and controlled but you are encourages to manipulate and control.  So nobody likes to get caught at manipulating and controlling.  So it's kind of a catch 22.  So what we want to do is encourage you to become natural and spontaneous and allow whatever is there. 


Here is how we would like you to do it.  Generally you will notice a desire to control because it will show up in your body in some way right.  There will be some kind of tension because you will controlling your desire to control.  Because you've been around new age thought long enough to know that that's not cool.  But it's still there.  So here is what we would have you do.  When you notice that urge to control simply say "If I could control this situation here is what I would have it turn out like."  Essentially what you are doing is sharing your vision of an end result with people.  If I could be in control of this situation you would all find it very natural to release these karmic patterns and bust boogies.  It would be like eating and breathing for you.  You wouldn't think about it too much, you wouldn't worry about it too much.  It would just be a natural part of your life when it needed to be dealt with and the rest of the time you would be in a natural state of enthusiasm following your spirits without hesitation.  If I could control the next six days in such a way that it would influence the rest of your lives, that's what would happen for the next six days.  That's how you do it.  Because really all that is happening when you have the urge to control you have a vision what is possible for you.  All you have to do in that situation is share your vision.  And you can allow the control urge by saying if I could control this situation this is how I would like seeing it turn out.  Now practice that here.  If you will during the next six day.  As a way in getting in touch with how much this desire to control is there in you and to allow it to be there and find a loving outlet for it.  Because all it is you have you have visions, you have insights of possibilities and then you have a fear that it won't be explored or won't be allowed, or won't be acknowledged.  So if your controlling of your controlling is a denial of your little visions.  When you control you urge to control you deny a vision you just had.  But because you thought it was a controlling urge that you thought that you just wanted to move in and take control of the situation and make sure this vision happens and you know that everybody else is going to get pissed off because nobody likes to be controlled.  Then you control your vision instead of sharing. 


The trick is nobody has to do your vision.  But you have to share.  Because if you don't, you repress, that repression is going to go on to a dark crystal, and you are going to have more shit to clear up.  The trick is to clear what we have and not crate more.  And in the process we return to a natural state of enthusiasm, we follow our spirits without hesitation, with ease.  No problem following your spirit without hesitation when you are in that natural state of enthusiasm.  Heck of a problem when you are in repressed anger, fear, or grief.  It's downright difficult to follow your spirit thing.  ...



Are you ready for the next step?  You are in a room where there are tons of shit being projected.  Copious amounts of poopoo, kaka, yucky stuff.  And you can feel it in your energetic fields.  ... You need to have some way to clear it out of your energetic fields.  First you start by holding a vision in your consciousness of yourself in your natural enthusiastic state.  Just radiant, following your spirit, ecstatic about being alive.  And then you take your left hand and you rub in the center of your third eye.  Circular motion.  And then you take both of your hands, put them at the center of your third eye, and drag them across your forehead, pulling the energy off there and flick it off your hands.  What you are doing there are clearing other peoples projections out of your third eye which allows you to get back to your own clarity and your holding in there a vision of your own natural enthusiastic state.  Don't worry about where you are flicking it.  The first thing you do is clear that by rubbing on the third eye.  Put both hands on the center of the forehead dragging it across, and then flicking it off.  Then you start with your hands underneath your chin, both hands cupped under your chin.  Bring them up and across your face with your fingers touching here in the center.  Bring it all the way around across the top of your head, down across the back, so that your hands come at the back of your neck.  Draw them across the back of the neck and flick them off.  Do that one one more time.  Draw them under the chin, bring it up all the way across the face, bring the hands across the top of the head about 2 or 3 inches, 6 inches above.  Bring them down to the back of the neck, drag them across and flick them off.  Doesn't it feel different already?  Now bring it across the throat.  Put both of your hands at the center of the throat.  Draw your hands across the throat and flick it off.  Same thing with the heart.  Put both of your hands on the heart at the center of the heart, drag it across, flip it off.  Across the center of your solar plexus, drag your hands across, flick it off.  Both hands at the center of the second chakra which is in the abdomen area, drag it across, flip it off.  The first chakra which is at the base of your spine, put your hands back here in the back, drag it across, flick it off.  Drag your hands across your buttocks, flick it off.  Then take both arms.  Put one hand on each shoulder.  Slide your hands down your arms, flick it off.  Take your hands put them at your hips.  Slide them all the way down to your ankles, flick it off.  Slide it from the front of the hips all the way down to the ankle, flick it off. 


Here is a little clue.  What you don't want to think about somebody but you are still thinking about them.  And you think about them over and over again.  They are projecting information into your third eye.  Do the third eye clearing thing where you rub the third eye, drag your hands across a couple of times.  Do the thing around your head a couple times.  They will be gone.  You will have cleared it.  Something else you can do is just pretend like you have white gloves of light on your hands so that whenever you do this flick it is instantaneously transformed to light.  You all feel better now.  So you may find yourself wanting to use this if you are in an environments where people aren't conscious enough to deal with their own shit.  You may want to go off to the bathroom or something where nobody is watching and go whhha!  Clear that off there!  Get this stuff off me!  ...  You may spend a lot of time in the bathroom or you may get more selective about who you spend your time with.  Basically consider a transpersonal cocreative relationship, one where beings are willing to take responsibility for clearing their shit.  If I am with somebody and they will not acknowledge that they are in a karmic pattern, or they will not acknowledge that they have a boogie, I'm out of there.  Because there is no way we can move forward together.  If this person is not willing to clear their shit that means that I have to live it out for them.  Sorry, that's not my life.  There are sometime when your spirit asks you to just honor that they are where they are and it not for you to go after it, to even bring it up.  But you will know when those times are.  And those will usually be times when you are clear of acting them out.  You probably won't be in a position where you'll be required to act them out.  But if you are in a position where you will be required to act them out you have the right to say something about it.  If I see somebody for 10 minutes and I see that they are in their shit.  No sweat, because I won't be around them 10 minutes from now.  But if I have to be with you for 10 days, and you are acting out your shit or I have to act out your shit, then we're going to talk about it.  We're going to put in another context for sure.