Clearing Allergies and Other Irritations


1)         Center yourself with a meditation and some breathing exercises.  This may be a color meditation or any other that you are used to.  Ground yourself as fully as you can by sending an aka cord out your root chakra to the center of the Earth and attach it to the core.  Give it a tug and feel yourself anchor in.  Then send an aka cord out the crown chakra to the center of the universe and connect it.  Allow the energy to flow in both directions through you. 


2)         After energizing, invite your High Self in, establish a connection with it, and feed (gift) it some of the energy you are accumulating.  Invite any other guides, masters, etc. to assist you and gift them some of the energy.


3)         Move into a “favorite space” that you have created which provides you complete safety and comfort.  Take a moment to enjoy - really enjoy this place.  Put as much detail into this space as you are able to, including something for each of the five senses, such as a warm breeze, sun on your skin, a fragrant scent in the air, etc.


4)         Now focus on the thought (form) of the allergy and identify its location in or around the body.  Identify its color, size, shape, solidity, texture, etc.  Get as complete an identification of its "physical" attributes as you possibly can. 


5)         Now clarify all of the payoffs you got for holding on to this allergy.  What did it allow you to do or get out of doing (responsibility)?  Did it get you attention?  Was it a way to punish yourself?  Remember, the pain or discomfort plays NO part in your unconscious decision to hold on to this.  Your unconscious decision to hold on is strictly for payoff.  You need to identify this before going on.  If you have trouble with this one, remember that this allergy is an intelligent life form that you created and you can communicate with it.  Ask it to help you and explain what it did for you.  Listen with your imagination.


6)         Now you can examine the cost of holding on to this.  The most likely costs are your peace of mind and your relationship with yourself and with others as well as health issues.  Identify all of the costs to you.


7)         Decision Time!  Ask yourself if you are really ready to let go from a heart level.  If not, then honor where you are and remember that you can clear this anytime you are ready.  If you are, then proceed.


8)         Recognize that you gave your power to this allergy and you can now reclaim it.  Honor it for serving you well and declare any contracts you have with it complete. The contract is now satisfied and is now null and void.  Honor yourself for where you were at the time you created this thought form.  Using whatever metaphor appeals to you, remove this energy from you.  E.g. split it into two pieces and change the color of each to a different color.  Change the shape of each to a different shape.  Manipulate it until you have complete control over it. 


9)         Then you can dispose of it by depositing it into a violet bonfire for transmutation into a higher purpose, see it dissolve into nothingness. Or you can give it to your guides or helpers to dispose of, or whatever else seems appropriate to you to dispose this.


10)       You may want to check for the existence of this allergy on other “layers” and repeat the last two steps for each layer you identify containing this energy.  Each successive layer, if there are any, is usually less defined and of a finer nature. 


11)       Now replace the void where this thought form was with something that you would like to have in its place.  It may just be generic, like pink (for love) energy or something specific, like a script that you compose.  A script might consist of elements of loving, valuing, nurturing, and honoring yourself and others; receiving the same from them; and allowing yourself to receive same.


12)       Take a little time in your mind (imagination) to reward yourself and enjoy the release from this "lead brick" anchor and have some fun flying or playing before returning to the physical world.