Ocean Meditation


          I am going to take you on a journey.  One that to some of you will be new and to some of you will be familiar.  Those who have made the journey before can act as guides.  In either case we can experience the synergy of the group and the recognition of our connectedness.


          I wish you to sit comfortable, tongue at the roof of the mouth, take a deep breath and exhale 1/2 of the breath, then inhale a deeper breath and exhale.  Repeat again focusing your attention on the third eye - the point between the eyebrows.  Repeat for a while...


          I suggest you lay aside the left brain thinking for a while.  Let us take this time to allow - just allow the process within us to flow.  Lay aside judgement: good & bad, right & wrong, reasonable or unreasonable... lay aside shoulds, oughts, & if only's.  None of these things have any meaning where we are going to go.  Just be with the sound of my voice and ride it like a wave.  Let it take you on a journey of revelation.  Let it be the catalyst of your own discovery of who in fact you really are.  Just for a while let your thoughts follow in the synergistic energy of the group to this self discovery. 


          I wish to move you out of your linear thinking processes of the left brain and move you into the conceptual / gestalt processes of the right brain and then beyond.  Just allow, allow, just allow things to flow.  No impediments, no restrictions.


          Take another breath keeping the tongue in the roof of the mouth to let the energy circulate within the body and relax every muscle.  Scan your body from the toes to the head and command, command it with your intent to relax and let go -- just for a while so you may experience this journey to the fullest.  Remember a time when you were completely relaxed and go back to that time.


          We are going to begin by connecting you to the Universal energy.  First imagine a ball of energy just below the navel and in the center of your body.  Now see a strand coming out of the bottom of this sphere of energy and stretching down, down, down all the way to the center of the Earth.  Now see the end connecting solidly into the core of the Earth.  After this is done pull the cord tight and feel it tug your body down into your seat.


          Next extend a strand of energy out of the top of the ball and up through the head, through the crown of the head, and up, up, up ... far out into space.  See it spreading out like a funnel and see the energy of the universe just pouring in.  Flowing from this open end all the way down into you, swirling, swirling, swirling around within you body and then down into the core of the Earth.  You are not only feeding your own vitality but also that of the living Earth - the living, breathing Earth.




          Now slowly lift your conscious mind up, up, up, up above, out of the physical awareness to the best of your ability.  Take a deep breath and using it like a rocket push yourself up up up.  If you feel like falling back into your body when you inhale then come back fully into the body.  Then with the next breath repeat the process pushing yourself even further up up up and out.  If again you feel like falling back into the body when you inhale then repeat this process over and over until you reach the point where you just stay up and out.  Notice the body way below and put a shield of protection around it with your intent and imagination, knowing that it is safe and you may travel to any-where and any-when from this point to beyond time and space. 


          Just sit in this space of being for a while.  Totally being, just being.  No time, no space, no limitations of any sort.  The only limitation you have here is the prison of your beliefs.  Shed them for a while so you can experience total freedom.  See yourself in this prison made of old outworn beliefs.  See how restricted you have been by them.  Realize this prison has been of your own making.  Your own construction.  Yes, for good reasons at the time for your safety.  But do you still need them?  Admittedly you have had a lot of help and direction from others but the construction has been totally your own doing.


          Ask yourself if this prison is what you want or need at this present time.  Many people are afraid of the cultural shock of coming out of their prisons.  Are you?  Do you want to come out?  To be free and fly freer then the birds?  Since you made this prison, you can by your intent just as you made it, you can unmake it. 


          For those who wish there are several approaches:

1)  You can recognize that this is your sphere of familiarity and wish to keep things as they are and do nothing.

2)  You can produce a key and unlock the door and come and go according to your degree of comfort.

3)  You can with great desire and intent tear down the walls and bars and shatter them into dust or blow them into smithereens, which you then sweep up and dispose of in a violet flame, or you may give them to your guides or angels to dispose of for you. 


          The choice is yours.  Now is the time to make a decision as to how you want to be.  Choose one and do it now.




          Now for those who have destroyed their prisons and those who are willing to come out just pause for a moment and experience this total sense of freedom -- no limitations -- just pure being.




          Now with this new power that comes with the recognition that your freedom is of your own making picture in your mind just below you, is a great ocean as far as you can see in every direction.  This is the metaphor of your mind, of you.  See the great waves forming, rising, cresting, breaking, and come crashing down upon itself only to repeat the process over and over again.  All around you. 


          Now begin to slow time down to where the waves begin to look like you are observing them in slow motion.  Slower and slower and slower until they become completely frozen in time. 


          Notice that the tip of the wave is a consciousness as is the whole ocean.  But the consciousness of the tip is only aware of its separateness from the rest of the ocean.  Look at this drop at the tip of this gigantic wave, the drop thinking it is separate and experiencing that separateness to the fullness of that experience. 


          Look closer and realize that this drop is not really disconnected from the rest of the wave but still has a thin filament running up and merging with the rest of the wave.  


          Now move into that drop.  Move totally into that drop and share that experience of separation with that drop.  Feel the individuality.  Feel the isolation and the desire for privacy.  What other feelings are you experiencing from that sense of separation?


          Now slowly move up that thread into the crest of the wave.  That part of the wave that is the top or crest of the wave.  That part that is in contact with the rest of the ocean but has its purpose to serve that drop at its tip.  To meet its needs and true desires.  That part that knows how to create any experience what the drop wants.  That part whose purpose is solely to serve that drop. 


          Now move further back into the rising part of the wave.  That wave that knows itself to be a wave separate from other waves yet knows that it is all part of the great ocean.  Feel the joy that this part of the wave has.  The sense of freedom to be a wave, to just be.  Being in direct contact with the infinite ocean of consciousness it is omnipotent and all knowing.  It is pure consciousness and pure energy which expresses itself as love - the only real energy of the universe.


          Now move further down into the infinite ocean.  As you move beneath the surface notice the calmness of the ocean.  Look up and see the waves frozen in time above you.  See their great excitement of being alive and conscious - totally conscious.  and Feel the peace - the stillness of where you are now.  Feel the Love -- that infinite ocean of Love that is you surrounding you and providing you with all that you ask.


          Stay here for a while and experience the love and the wisdom that will answer any question you may have.  It may answer you now or it may be more appropriate to answer you in another way that your linear mind may interpret as later.




          Realize that this is a state of being that you may evoke at any time you wish.  You have now made the journey here at least once.  There are many paths to this awareness.  This is not the only one.  If you wish you may travel to this state any time you desire just by your intent.  If your linear mind wants to get in the way you can retrace these steps.  You now know that you can achieve this state of being because you can remember being here.


          You may choose to visit only when you are in doubt or turmoil in which case you will find relief.  Or you can choose to visit frequently and avoid the turmoil and conflict.  This not only removes you from the so called negative experiences but also frees those around you and invites them to ride your energies if not consciously then at least unconsciously.


          Now begin to focus off in the distance.  See a tiny dot.  Begin to bring that dot closer and closer.  See it begin to form into a planet as it gets closer.  Recognize that this planet is the planet Earth that you are currently experiencing a lifetime in. 


          Now move around to the continent that is the North American continent.  See the oceans surrounding it.  Notice the lack of political boundaries from this perspective.  Pick out the area of the Smokies that is presently defined as Oak Ridge and slowly move down to where you can see the city.  Now move to the Eastern side and notice the house in which your body is currently located.  Move further down into the house and just above your body. 


          See it there quietly resting waiting for you to return.  It has served you well.  It has provided you with many many experiences that you could not have had with out it.  Thank it and bless it for its service.  Truly, deeply, bless it.


          Now look at it and realize that you are still in your pure mind state with no limitations what so ever.  Use this power of your mind to scan the body.  Look around, look inside.  Your body is made out of pure consciousness albeit frozen consciousness, but consciousness non the less. 


          Ask it what needs attention most and listen for the answer.  The answer may be in words, may be in feelings, or may be just in the form of knowing.  However it comes, note it and proceed to ask what it needs from you to again become whole. 


          Again listen and do with the full power of your mind in this state whatever is necessary to heal the body.  "These things I do you can do and even greater things can you do!".  These are not idle words.  This is a statement of truth.  With intent and conviction know that you have, have had, and always will have this power.  Only your ignorance which comes from belief in false illusions prevented you from using it.  Claim it with full conviction and full knowledge and you may begin to use it again.


          Now slowly move above your body and begin ever so gently to move down into it.  Feel the physical senses once again.  Feel the heart beating, the lungs expanding and contracting.  Feel the awareness of the body returning so that you may experience it to the fullest. 


          Slowly take a deep breath and begin to move a few toes or fingers.  After you reintegrate with your body slowly open your eyes and return to the here and now with a new awareness of being and a new joy and recognition of who you are.