The nature of the universe, at its deepest level, is (like) your mind.  There are certain principles that make our experience an active choice.  It is an ancient teaching.  There are eight principles that make it possible for us to determine the nature of our existence: the past, the future, and most importantly the present. 



The universe is pure intelligence.


            The basic nature of the universe is mind.  It is pure intelligence.  You see, the deepest level of the universe, deeper than molecules, atoms, electrons -- the deepest level of the universe -- is a level where the idea of "location" does not exist.  At that level it is not possible to locate the specific position and speed of an electron.  That essentially means that this deepest level pervades all that is.  It has no specific location.  It is omnipresent.  Scientists in our world have not located it yet.  In other worlds they are calling it Quantum space.


            Scientists have not been able to locate consciousness in the brain either.  In fact they have no idea where consciousness in located in the human being.  That is because it is like the basic Quantum level of the universe.

            The basic nature of this deepest level of the universe is consciousness -- pure intelligence.  At the Quantum level, at is very depth the universe acts like an information processor -- like a mind.  This information flows around and through all processes.  All things are intimately and infinitely connected by the flow of the consciousness.

            Nature is purposive and its possesses deep intentionality.  The laws that govern the universe are contained at this Quantum level.  That is why one can find this information during their inner journeys.  Always remember that he who is capable of deep inner reflection will gain the secrets of the universe, because that is where they are kept. 



All matter is composed of (thought) vibrations.


            Reality is not what you see.  Everything is vibrating at different rates or frequencies.  Principle number two is that everything is composed of frequencies.  Everything is in vibration.

            The difference between a rock, a tree, and a man is the difference in the rate of vibration.  There is a hierarchy of vibration with matter at the low end, and energy at the higher end.  Mind is even higher than energy.

            Take an object, hot or cold.  that object will manifest certain heat vibrations.  Those heat vibrations will, if raised, turn into light.  If rased enough, a tremendous amount of power will be released, and the matter will disintegrate.

            The ancient teachings say, "All manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will, or desire, or any mental state or condition are accompanied by vibrations."  These vibrations are, in a sense, transmitted to the area around them in the same way heat radiates outward from a hot object.

            Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration.  These frequencies can be changed by a change in the thought patterns that inhabit the mind.  Since the universe is also made up of vibration at the deepest level, and the matter that is the universe can be affected and changed just by your attention, the vibration of the thoughts that you are thinking may affect the very substance of the universe.  The universe is like your body in that respect.  It will give you what you dwell upon.  If you dwell on negativity, you will get just that.  Which leads us to the next principle.




Every thought has its own vibration.


            The universe seeks balance.  In seeking balance, our part of the universe creates everything with two poles.  Everything has its opposite.  Like has dislike, black has white, light has dark, hot has cold.  But hot and cold, while different in degree are identical in context -- the context of heat.  The ancient saying is, "everything is and isn't at the same time."  Moreover, between the poles of hot and cold, there are many degrees of hot and cold, the highest of the two being called "warmer," and the lower, "colder."  There is no absolute standard for hot and cold.  Nor are good and bad absolute.  There are degrees of good and bad, but there is no absolute standard.  These dichotomies are called the "pairs of opposites."  The pairs of opposites are all this way, having only the relative meaning that we give them.  The universe assigns no degrees of value to them.

            Taking the first two principles together, it is possible to change one mental state into another.  Emotions and things belonging to different classes cannot be transformed into each other, but things of the same class may be transformed.  So cold can become hot.  Hate can become love.  Fear can become courage.  But hate cannot be transformed into courage.

            By changing the polarity of an emotion, through raising the mental vibrations of the energy of the emotion, we can transform it to the higher emotion.  In this way, a fearful man can become a courageous man by polarizing the emotion along the line of the desired quality.

            The ancients say, "To change your mood or mental state, just change your vibration, through an exercise of your will, by deliberately fixing your attention on the more desirable state."  If you are sad, deliberately remember times when you were happy.  You do not have to get rid of the darkness, just bring a candle into the room and the darkness will disappear.


            The next principle is closely related to the previous, in that even in the variations of the poles of opposites, there is a balance. 



The universe demands balance.


            The universe demands balance.  The Law of Compensation is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If the pendulum swings one way, it must always swing back the other way.  If you will, for a moment, stop; and consider that these swings of rhythm are also evidenced in your life.  Courage is preceded by fear.  Happiness and sadness oscillate. 

            The ancients say, "The man who enjoys well can also be subject to great suffering.  The man who feels little pain is capable of feeling but little joy."

            Mentally, however, it is possible to escape the low end by rising above it.  We are able to overcome the swing of the pendulum by making the vibrations higher and rising above the lower vibrations.  In essence, we are raising the vibrations of the self above the ordinary plane of consciousness, and then simply "refusing" to allow the pendulum of emotion and mood to swing us back.

Even so, the Law of Compensation is operative.  You will probably find that there is no such thing as an overnight success.  One generally pays the price for what he wants to attain.  The things that one pays a price for are always repaid.

            Always remember that everything is subject to the principle of cause and effect.  There is a cause for every effect, and vice versa.  Regardless of a belief that says that there is no cause and effect, the principle is always operative.



We are always compensated for what we do.


            As Edgar Cayse said "You only get to keep what you give away."  The Universe is a giant mirror, always reflecting ourselves back to us, for that is all there really is.

            We are always compensated for what we do.  If we consider cause and effect in terms of events, then strictly speaking, no one event "creates" another event, but is merely a preceding link in the great chain of events in the day of the universe.  Every thought we think, every action, every deed, creates results both directly and indirectly.

            The problem in most peoples lives is that they are not on the cause side of the cause and effect equation.  Most people are on the effect side of the equation, not at cause, but at effect -- at the effect of event, other people, the environment, internal moods.  You have seen them complaining about their powerlessness in the face of Nature, events, and other people.  You have seen them giving away their power to affect their own futures as well as others' futures.  You have see people riddled with guilt, fear, anxiety, and lack of self control.

            This is all a result of a misunderstanding of the principle of cause and effect.  Just remember this, you are at cause in your universe. 

            If you raise the vibration rate of your thinking, you will be able to rise above the lower effects.  The lower emotions and effects will not affect you.  You will, however, always be subject to the higher effects.




       You exist.

            If you exist it is the only quality you have.  It means you always have existed, you exist now, and you always will -- beyond time.  That which exists cannot become non-existent.  That is a completely different quality.  You exist and existence contains the concept of nonexistence.  Existence does not and cannot become nonexistence.  You are eternal, you exist.  It is your primary quality.  You are and ever shall be.  You will change, you will transmute, you will shift, you will learn, you will grow.  But you will always be you -- the True You.  The You that knows itself as you.




The One is All, the All is One.

            As we look out into the Holographic Cosmic Dream we see that we are the Dream and the Dreamer, all the stars, all the planets, and all the people.  And each individual contains the whole.  All the information, all the accessibility, of all that is,  is in each of the parts of all that is.  All that is knows Itself as One and knows Itself as All the parts.  The Parts know themselves as individuals, and know themselves as One with all other Parts.





The closer two things match

the stronger the coupling and attraction between them.

            This principle also known as sympathetic resonance or "like attracts like" is the basis behind all interaction.  The world we create or attract to us is the one that most closely matches us.  The symphony of our vibrational patten of our beliefs, emotions, and being determines the world we experience.  If we are feeding our fears then that is the chord that is being energized.  That energized chord will find corresponding chords in the universe and "dance" with them.  Who and what we chose to "dance" with is determined by the chords we choose to energize. 








            The universe being intelligence and consciousness, it is possible to affect the fabric of the intelligence that makes up its Quantum level.  The level where effects may be gained is at the higher vibratory levels.  Programming your experience works on this level.  There is balance in the universe, the balance is maintained by the pairs of opposites, and the Law of Compensation and Entrainment.  You cannot expend energy and have it not be returned to you.  Finally remember that you are at cause of all that happens to you, and in your life.  Rearrange your picture of reality and the universe will accommodate it.



Where I am coming from... remembering.


Energy, matter, Intelligence.


The scientific principle and why it doesn't work here.


Nature of the universe (God).  Is the Universe friendly?


The eight principles.


Definition of peace.


Question of Time?  what is it?  the perception.  Giant hologram.


Cosmic dream... Maya, Huna, ACIM.  It's our dream -- our DRAMA -- our mirror.


Joy Riding the universe.


The shift: a splitting of the vibrational levels...

None of these things are going to happen overnight.  We are going to go slowly through them as we have been every day of our lives and for the most part, most of us will not ever see a lot of these changes.


If it is in your backyard, it is a calamity.  If it is across the world from you, it was an event.


I'm not saying go out and buy insurance just so you'll be okay.  What I am saying is that for people, when they have it, it gives them a sense of security so they can relax and create a safer universe.  For other people, it doesn't.


We are all waiting for someone to save us.  Nobody is going to come save us.  We have to do it ourselves.  We have to realize that we do not need to be saved.  All we need to do is become aware of who and what we are.


For those of you into being saved by "space brothers", the ones who truly know what it is going on in the universe, know you create your own reality.  They know it is a game.  They know it is an illusion.  They know you cannot get hurt by playing the illusion out.  We cannot really get hurt.  They know that if we create a whole lot of devastation, a whole lot of havoc and destroy our bodies, we will pick up another one.  They also know that if you do it, you needed to learn something from it and so they are not going to interfere with our lessons.


Armageddon was a battle of spirit.  each of us in order to get out of the physical bondage, will go through our own personal Armageddon.  It is when I the entity, has to face and confront me, the biology.


A good movie. 

The video game-- get killed - get a new life.

Roll playing: Dungeons & Dragons.

Vibrational levels and degrees of the game.

The ocean - have to put on weights to get to the bottom to play.


Many levels going on at once.

The game: Drama.  The mind creates excitement and scrambles for a strategy, baaing the film while the body is frightened.


Two thirds of the people in CA are earthquake junkies: it's exciting and the Mind loves the drama to feel the power of such an event.  Cheap thrills. 


LA earthquake:  attracts junkies who feed off the electromagnetic that are building in the area and diffuse the time bomb that would have been set off to gibe them the problems and to give them the rush.  This feeding off the energy actually diffuses the energy and slows it down.  However if you're not living with it and you're in strict fear-base and scared half to death of life, your pushing it back in. 


The planet is trying to feed us and offering us life on an energy level and we say, "No I don't want it," and we go into fear-base.  We actually are taking that energy, turning it around, and creating repulsion. This is what creates the pressure cooker and causes the pressure to have to be released.  Fear builds to generating the feared object/event.


Why predictions are uncertain.  It depends on the audience. 


There's nothing wrong with dramas.


People interactions: mirroring.


Experience creates safety.  Those who have had the experience will learn to feed off of it.  Those who haven't will operate on a fear base creating it. 


Where to go: what is safe?  If I tell you a safe place and you go there out of fear then it will no longer be safe.  Check around and see how many of the people, %, have never had the phenomenon.  If they haven't, you not in a real safe place.  They are pushing back against the natural flow from the planet. 


More, more, more -- we're bored.  The mind always looks for entertainment.  If you want to make millions -- sell fear. 


Everything is pushing us back into our oneness, into our wholeness.  Self-responsibility.

The energies that are really going to affect that are going to start hitting here about the later part of 97.  Everything is up for change, but when the energy comes in that is intense self-responsibility, we're going to have internal rebellion in a lot of people.  Emotionally we have different stages like puberty.  E.g. spiritual puberty 28-36.  This planet in 97 is going into puberty as a consciousness.  Like having teenagers.  some are totally rebellious, totally fighting it, totally screaming.  Others do it in silence and rebel in their own way.  '97 corresponds to about 16 yr old.


Our country has one of the biggest egos on the planet.  good in some ways not in others.  It keeps us afloat but cannot admit we have problems. 




For the generic person, how may minutes do you think in 7 days last week they felt joy?  People die a million times by fear before the physical death. 


Anything that paralyzes you form living life -- that, get rid of.


Truth means life.  Therefore, if you're not living it, it's not truth anyway.



As you change your present, you're technically changing your past.  And as you change the past, you're changing your present moment.


Be into a place of following your own wisdom, you own guidance, your own heart, with all things. 


This planet is not going into self-destruct, and it's not going to be destroyed.



At all times you are creating the totality of your picture at any one given moment. 


Whatever you future is doing, since time is simultaneous, is affecting you. 


We have everything backwards !!!!!



Healing ... creating the reality we want.

Back to the ocean. 


Reason that most of us don't remember.  The lesson is what it is that we WANT to be. Not what we need to be to avoid pain.