Visions, Precognition, Claivoyiance and Clairaudiance

Our Family's events

This family has had a number of events through the years. Although each is remarkable in it's own right, they are short and lumped together for this report.

After contact was established through a Ouiji board, life would never be the same.

A friend brought over a Ouiji Board, and soon contact was established with something, but what? The events that took place after this were bizzare and unbelievable.

My older brother comes back for a visit

Although he died when I was three, he came back and took me on a tour of heaven later

Smoke smoke everywhere, but what did it mean

A surprising answer in this one.

A dream that my mother was dieing

But the phone calls home left me even more upset.

What was seen by these people in the clouds

Could it have been Jesus?

Almost killed by a truck

And she saw it happen before it happened. Avoided however

This person in Australia had two experiences

One was a feeling of danger that prevented a possible attack, and the other was un uneasy feeling about a baby which was murdered the following week

This person felt his grandfather asking if he could go

And when he got out of the shower he learns that his grandfather just died.

Her father lies dieing in the hospital

He tells her that she is pregnent with a boy and what his name will be

After using a ouiji board, things get weird

This spirit became a poltergeist and an incubus.

Scary things happen after this ouiji Board use

Y controlled the board, but did he want to control more than that?

Warning. Do not play with ouiji boards. Many people have ended up in mental institutions playing with these things. They are not a toy! They open you up to all kinds of things, including possession.