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I have been witness to dozens of such healings. A few of them are written about in the first click-on. I do not like the term "faith healing" as most people think it means that people are healed by their faith in the "healer". This is wrong, as I have witnessed healings of animals and people who had no faith in it at all. The faith required is the faith of the healer that there is a power available to those that believe that can be directed to heal others. They direct this healing power, whether it be from an Angel, Christ, Mother Mary or the Almighty God, and of course give full credit to to the true source of this power. Anyone who charges for spiritual healing is most likely a fraud and should be avoided. It is a gift and should always be treated as such. Enough of the soap box, now for the stories:

Healings I have been witness to

I have witnessed dozens of healings, many of which were for ailments doctors claimed were incurable. Here are just a few of them.

Healing of my daughter by a pharmacist friend

We were ready to leave on a long trip when my daugher became very ill with the flu. Would we have to cancel the trip. Maybe not. A pharmacist was there and maybe he had something to help her.

Polio cured by a mother's prayer

This toddler was striken with polio. Yet he recovered immediately after his mother prayed for him. Here is the story in his (now grown) words.

The Secret of God's Healing

This man had been told he was going to die shortly from heart disease. After prayers of others did not cure him, he tells how he found the courage, strength, and help of GOD to heal himself. This is both his story, and a leson from him on healing. Much scripture quoting for reference.