Stories of Strange and Unusual Happenings

This site is dedicated to those of you who have had exceptional experiences. It is a forum, for everone to share their experiences in this truely strange world of ours. It is a place for you to tell your story, and for others to read stories of truely marvelous events.

This is not a place to read fiction. All stories are claimed to be true and written by one or more witnesses of the event(s). Only the names are changed if so requested by the submitter.

Everyone who has had or witnessed a truely unusual experience is welcome to submit their experience. We will keep your identity secret if so desired. We can also give you a free private mailbox on here to answer email, and still allow you to keep your identity secret if so desired. If sufficient stories are obtained, we may publish them in a book. Click on SUBMIT A STORY below for additional information on submitting. If your story does not fit into one of the following catagories please email me and I will add an appropriate catagory.

We have the following catagories:

Encounters with Ghosts, Spirits, Poltergeists or Dead Relatives, Friends or pets.

Encounters with Angels. Updated 2-23-2000
Angel Links

Visions, precognition, channeling, clairvoyiance and clairaudiance. Updated 2-24-2000


Hands on Healing, Spiritual Healing, Faith Healing, Christian Healing, Miraculous Healings.

Unusual, psychic and future telling dreams Added 2-24-2000

Encounters with UFO's, Strange Beings such as Big Foot or Aliens. Abductions. Updated 2-24-2000

Near Death and Out of Body experiences.

Reincarnation, past life memories/regressions and walk-ins

Native American stories

Investigations We have done with loads of EVP's, and several photos and video of ghosts